Future trends of automobile industry

With advancements in technology, the future trends of automobile industry are getting highly unpredictable. In the past, no one thought there would be vehicles using electricity instead of petrol or gasoline. But here we are.

The new technology is making it easier for us to travel. Below are some of the future trends we can expect in a few years.

Electric Vehicles

E-vehicles and its use is expected to grow from 6% of the total automobile market in 2016 to 22% in 2030. These vehicles are comparatively environment friendly and will form an integral part of our transportation in the future.

Future trends of automobile industry

Many of the best automobile companies including Tesla, Kia, Nissan, BMW, Ford and Chevrolet are working on E-Vehicles. Further modifications and experimentation is expected to result in improved batteries, management of braking energy and battery, electric trucks and hydrogen trains.

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Autonomous Driving

In the future, we can expect out cars to drive us to our destinations instead of us driving ourselves there. This means, the cars will be able to sense their environment with little or no input from the humans. New infrastructure will be brought with this technology. This will enable the car is able to pick you up and drop you off at your location with ease.

Future trends of automobile industry

Waymo is leading the autonomous driving technology with others like Tesla behind it. In 2017, Waymo started its first self-driving taxi service in Arizona and has raised around another $800 million for this technology.

Car Sharing

Future trends of automobile industry

With the rise of Uber and Careem, we can expect a lot less traffic on the roads in the future and a lot more of car sharing instead of car ownership. This will not only solve the problem of heavy traffic on the roads but also result in about 40% more availability of car parking spaces in congested cities. Autonomous driving will further enhance this concept.

Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication

This refers to the technology through which cars and roadside units can communicate with each other and provide each other with traffic warnings and safety information.

v-to-v communication

China has implemented this plan in the city of Wuxi where more than 2 million such vehicles are circulating.

The new public transport system

With the concept of shuttle buses with e-ticketing system on the rise, we can expect more advancements in the field of public transport.


Air taxis will be available in many cities by 2023. This also means that we can expect robotic buses and drones delivering us our food soon.

These are some of the future trends of automobile industry we can expect later on. Who knows what’s going to happen and what technological advancements bring us in the future.

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