How to get a habit of reading.

Readers are the leaders, everybody is familiar with this philosophy but today very less people have reading a part of their daily routine. Some very influential people in this competitive world regard reading as their road to success. Well, here are some steps that will help you become a daily reader.

  1. Choose what you love

    If you start by reading what you love , that can really help in building up the interest in books. Some people are inclined towards fictional novels while some prefer science stuff , therefore hunt down the books that resonates with your interest.

  2. Select a time slot and place

    Plan your day and assign a specific time for your reading that should not be too less or too much, 1 hour will do good. Also find a place around you that is comfortable and contain no distractions, often people read in open sky , try it.

  3. Suspense!!

    To avoid a day off , end your reading with a suspense so that the next day you are eager to resume. Repeat this everyday to make your day exciting.

  4. Evaluate your progress

    Keeping a record of the pages you read in a day can keep you motivated as it will create a sense of achievement inside you . These number of pages will then turn into number of books and so on. This habit will then become an addiction which will improve your intellect every passing day. Remember, “Reading makes a full man” said English philosopher Sir Francis Bacon and no truer words were said than these