1. Decide your time:

    It is very important to know when to start and when to end. This way, you manage your busy schedule and are more efficient in your cleaning.

  2. Get your gear:

    Make sure you have everything ready. This includes your dusting cloth, your broom, your mop and anything else you might need, all of your cleaning equipment.

  3. The sweep:

    Pick any Macro substance scattered around the house and make sure there is not anything on the floor that might ruin your broom, e.g. milk, water, oil e.t.c. After that, imagine your floor is divided into perfect squares. Using these as coordinates, sweep through the rooms and the house from square to square.

  4. The dusting:

    After the sweeping, pick a clean cloth, preferably a microfiber cloth, and get to work. Clean the furniture and the shelves thoroughly. For glass, use newspapers.

  5. The mopping:

    Make a solution using water as solvent and add a surface cleaning liquid. Then, soak the mop in the solution and let out some water. After that, wipe the whole floor in a grid by grid system as told above.

  6. And you are done:

    Let the floor dry and you got yourself a clean house.

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