How to overcome smartphone addiction.

21st century is all about smartphones addiction and it is no way coming to an end. Whether it’s a school boy or a 70 year old , smartphones has taken control over everyone’s life. This addiction only adds to mental diseases and daily life problems. Here are some steps that might help overcome this problem.

  1. Find a hobby

    Engaging yourself into some work or putting your energy into something productive can keep you away from your phone. Find a sport that you like or take a cooking course. Things like these can divert your attention from screens.


  2. Uninstall apps

    Many useless applications are there in phone that are meant to waste your time such as games and dating apps. These kind of apps are designed to attract you , hence uninstall them right away.

  3. Go on a break

    Take a bold step and switch off your phone for few days or there are some features that let you call and text only, use them. Practice this technique after fixed days and notice a change in your usage.

    break from smartphone

  4. Filter your feed

    Most of us are habitual of checking our social media apps daily , all because of fantasy posts. Unfollow Instagram models and start following influential people i.e writers. Not only will this save your time but will improve your thinking too.

  5. Know the dark side

    Excessive usage of smartphones lead to problems such as headache, impaired concentration ,memory fatigue, and sleep disorders. Furthermore, people encounter self obsession and inferiority complex when they are a regular social media user.smartphone addiction problems