we all love potatoes. why wont we. making finger chips, also known as french fries, is the easiest way to settle our mid night cravings. So, here’s the easy recipe to make them.

  1. Organize your food station:

    The organized way is the best way indeed. Get your potato peeler, your knife, and your cutting board. Take out the deep frying pan. Put everything on your station and go get them potatoes out of the fresh-care.

  2. Wash and peel your potatoes:

    You don’t want to get your hands and tools dirty. Make sure to rub them to remove any consolidated mud or dirt. After that, peel the potatoes using a peeler.

  3. Cut em up:

    Lay down the peeled potato on the cutting board. Cut the potatoes from top to bottom in longitudinal style. Then. cut the pieces into thin long potato slices.

  4. Time to fry:

    Pour oil into the deep frying pan and turn on the stove. Once its hot enough, gently push the cut potato slices into the oil and let them fry. From time to time, stir the potatoes so that they don’t join with each other. Once they get brown enough, take em out of the pan.

  5. Seasoning:

    You can top the French Fries plate with any type of seasoning you want. It can be tomato ketchup, chili garlic sauce, mayonnaise, mustard sauce and then it’s ready to eat!

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