How To Get A Perfect Eyeliner Every Time

To get a perfect cat eye is no doubt challenging and messing it up is the end for us and we have all been there; the eyeliner disaster! But we just cannot live without it. Here are a few tricks to always get that eyeliner perfect:


  1. Paper tape

    Cut a small piece of paper tape and paste it on the corner of your eye. the tape acts like a scale and helps you draw a straight and sharp eyeliner.
    How to perfect eyeliner everytime

  2. Bobby pins

    Take a bobby pin or a hair pin and open it making a straight stick. Rub the liquid eyeliner on it and press against the skin. Fill the space inside and your perfect eyeliner look is ready to shine!
    how to perfect a eyeliner everytime

  3. Dental floss

    Yes, you read that right, a dental floss can also be used. take a dental floss stick and put your gel liner on the floss. Press the floss on the corner of your eye and fill it in. Its that easy! How to get a perfect eyeliner everytime

  4. Sponge

    Cut a small piece of the makeup sponge from the edge in a triangular form. Paste this piece on top of an earbud. Your very own winged eyeliner stencil is ready! Put the liquid eyeliner on this and press against the corner of your eye.

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