How to make Thandai (Sardai) at Home

Time needed: 30 minutes.

The summer season has arrived. The heat is scorching. There are different energy drinks to break the summer heat. In village, special milk associated drinks are prepared such as Thandai, Dhoti, etc. which are not only super energy drinks but also considered to be best suitable to break the heat.
Want to know how to make Thandai at home? It is also tasty! So, let us take a few minutes of yours to have a look at the making process stepwise.

  1. Add whole Black Pepper

    Take 8 whole pieces of black pepper in a grinder.

    Black pepper

  2. Take Green Cardamoms

    Add 3 pieces of green cardamoms (only seeds) in the grinder.

    Green cardamom

  3. Put Almonds

    Take 200 grams Almonds. Put them in warm water. Peel off the almonds. Now, add these almonds in grinder.

    Almonds (peeled off)

  4. Add Fennel seeds

    Take one teaspoon of fennel seeds in a bowl. Rinse the seeds with water. Then, add these seeds in grinder.

    Fennel seeds

  5. Include Poppy seeds

    Take four teaspoons of poppy seeds (Khash khas) in a bowl. Rinse these seeds with water. Now, add these seeds in grinder.

    Poppy seeds

  6. Pour Milk

    Pour a little milk in grinder before grinding the mixture. Also, add milk instantly during grinding.
    Grind the mixture until it becomes fosse. Add about one-liter milk. 


  7. Put sugar

    Add sugar as needed in the mixture.


  8. Strain the solution

    Now, strain the mixture in solution form in a big bowl. Add some water. Stir it well. Now, transfer the solution in cooler, containing ice in it.

THE THANDAI IS READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a drink of it and enjoy the heat…….

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