How to Manage Exam Stress:

for most of us, the term exam is synonymous to stress, anxiety and depression. Therefore, most of us students find ourselves immersed in pools of depression as exams approach. So, students face sleepless nights, loss in appetite and much more. Exam stress is the main cause of all these issues. and that needs to be seriously addressed.

some of these below mentioned steps will help you tackle exam stress.

Exam Stress

Prepare From The Start To Avoid Exam Stress:

It is a very common practice by the students to ignore the syllabus, class tests and assigned work throughout the year and panic with heaps and piles of undone work at the end of the semester or the year. Avoiding this practice can be a major help for the students.

It is important to keep pace with the lecturers and syllabus and not to pile up work. Completing your assignments on time and learning everything side by side as it is taught, helps you avoid panic and stress before and during your examination.

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How to Do SWOT Analysis?

  1. simply by knowing your strength, weakness opportunities and threats you can do SWOT analysis.

Yes, this analysis is not only meant for business but can also be used by the students to test and improve their learning skills.

S =strenghth




A​smart student is always well aware of his strengths and weaknesses, his

.competition and threats. ​​Knowing your strengths and weaknesses can help you analyze what needs to be improved and thus helps you study smart thus reducing The future exam stress.SWOT analysis will help you prioritize your time.


Only a healthy body can nourish a healthy mind. It is quite evident that ignoring Your health and focusing only on your books and studies will lead you nowhere. So besides studying it is very important to incorporate healthy meals, exercises And healthy thinking in your daily routine if you wish to be successful in life.


Don’t just leave social sites and cut off from people in your race to get good grades, staying isolated will increase your stress levels and decrease your ability to perform well.

So, it is important to be socially active and to know what is going on in the world. Staying updated will help you gain more knowledge and will keep your brain fresh and thus functional. Take regular breaks during your studying time have fun, munch on snacks or scroll through social media it will help you refresh your mind.

BELIEVE IN YOURSELF And You’ll Easily Tackle Exam Stress:

Never underestimate your abilities. Work hard and believe in your efforts.

Keep reminding yourself that you are second to none and that you have made it this far so you can do it.

Self-motivation is very important in managing any sort of stress or anxiety. Take out some quality Me-time for yourself no matter how hectic your routine maybe.


Should I Consult A Counsellor to Tackle Exam Stress?

Yes, you should immediately consult a consellor if you feel you have some severe symptoms of stress like insomnia, weight loss or excessive weight gain etc

Seeking professional help if required is something to be highly admired rather then being hesitant off.

It’s ok to talk to your friends family members or a professional if you cannot tackle it alone but its never ok to suffer alone.

Involving more people can be of great help they can administer your learning strategies and help you improve them, they can help you learn more about your learning style and improve it.

Remember, exams are not the end to your world and a piece of paper won’t determine your fate, it is your hard work that will pay off so, focus on whatever you are doing and put all your efforts in it.

Don’t take failure on your nerves as it is the first step to your success. Your mental and physical health must be a priority, not your grades.

As the only thing more stressful than the exam itself is writing an exam when you are sick so learn to prioritize your health.

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