How to Not Hate Others?

We as humans are the most divine creation. You know why?
It’s because we possess incredible powers to build or destroy others. The dough we are
kneaded with can either nourish a demonish or an angelic soul.
The choice is always ours.
and, you know what the unlucky part is?
With the magnificent power to create we choose not to love but to hate. With the choice to
heal or hurt we choose to hurt.

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Why? Why people hate each other?

How to have a more optimistic approach towards others?

  1. by focusing more on the positive aspects of people around and accepting others with their flaws, because at the end of the day we are all human beings.

Well, the answer is simple, because we lack the basic respect for a human soul. We’re no longer the saviours.
We’ve been raised to critique others instead of appreciating them. We’ve mastered the art of mocking and have forgotten how to compliment. We love to nurture the insecurities of others and shatter every tiny bit of their self-confidence. We disregard the efforts people make through life and enjoy their failures.
The answer is because we as a society have failed to prioritise our mental and emotional health and have worked hard to nourish all these ugly, toxic energies within us.
It is because WE’re no more people but are selfish, envious demons who have long forgotten the word love.

How To Love Others?

It is possible only when we stop judging people on the basis of how they look. we are habitual of getting impressed by the outer wrap of everything and this habit of ours will take us nowhere. So, it is important that we accept people for their nature and talents and not on the basis of colour, creed or race.

We need to be more humble towards those who are depressed. We appreciate the liveliness of those who are fighting the miseries and still smiling.

Once we start practicing these traits, the world will become a much happier place to live in.

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