How to make your writing plagiarism free.

  1. Rephrase

    The most common and handy technique is to rephrase whatever you read online and avoid copy pasting. It’s convenient if you change the structure of sentence and try different synonyms.

  2. Plagiarism detector

    Give tough time to the plagiarism detector , the genuine ones such as Turnitin. Detect and rephrase , repeat this step until your writing is totally unplagiarised.

    turnitin report

  3. Snippet technique

    Very less people know this , but pasting screenshots of some relevant part can be a clever move. Plagiarism detector doesn’t detect screenshots since they are simple images.

  4. Work smart,not hard

    Sometimes the online content is poor in grammar or punctuation. You can benefit from it by copying the content and then rectifying the grammar and punctuation. This would produce an original work.
    example of smart work