How to give your anger a proper direction.

Anger is a bigest enemy of a person’s success. It puts a veil between your abilities and you. It also clouds your judgement.

To cope with anger the best way is to give it a direction.

  1. Summarize the problems that causes anger

    Everytime there must be a reason for someone to be angry. Undirected rage can make the problem worse.

  2. Don’t Let the anger control you

    When anger bagan to overcome someone it clouds his sense of reason, sense to differentiate and destroys his decisions and aims. Uncontrolled rage is worse of all horrible mental disorders. So control it before it controlls you.

  3. Direct your anger to problems

    It is wise to direct your anger towards problems- not people ,
    Your energies towards answers-not excuses. (William Worth). So the best eay to end your rage, jealousy is to put them in an effort to end the source that cause them.