How IT and the New Generation are keeping up?? | Career Development

Information technology is any field that involves computer technology. This includes hardware maintenance, software development, networking solutions, and technical support. Modern businesses all over the world also rely on computers to function and maintain high standards of efficiency and customer service. Without IT professionals, companies would not have qualified professionals to maintain the technological elements of their daily business.


One of the main reasons so many businesses have turned to the IT world for their professional needs is the speed at which computers and related technologies can process information. Therefore, Email is a perfect example, as it eliminates the need to wait several days for a packet of documents to reach a client or business associate. Specialized software is best-practices and industry standards, continually changing the face of business in almost every way. Therefore, to keep up with the IT, the coming generation needs to start learning from a small age.

Start learning artificial intelligence at small age

You can learn AI at any age based on your interest. If you’re an absolute beginner, start with some introductory courses. And when you’re a bit more confident, move into data science, machine learning, and AI.

The real question is why kids study AI??

Children today are growing up in a world surrounded by AI: algorithms determine what information they see and help select the videos they watch. Therefore, the hope is that by better understanding how algorithms are created and how they influence society, children could be motivated and can help them to shape the future.

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How to start programming at an early age and its perks

Learning how to code at a young age can truly set up your child for a lifetime of success. Even if they don’t go into a specific computer science-related field, it gives them an edge in virtually every modern industry. Here is a list of some free and paid resources to get you started.

  1. Khan Academy (Free)
  2. Bitsbox (Paid)
  3. CodeMonkey (Free)
  4. CodaKid – All Access- $25 per month
  5. Codecademy 

Why world has small kids as programmers, and we don’t

Programming is a demanding job. It requires long periods of intense concentration. You are continuously confronted with frustrations: bugs that you can’t figure out, wrong-headed management decisions, tools that aren’t ideal for what you want to do. Kids are more curious than us and they also don’t have thinking like “I can’t do that” until they are of 10. But by then they know how to code. on the other hand, we lose tolerance for struggling with these things.


Also, programming needs energy and stamina. And young people have a lot of both. Programming is also intensely intellectual, so experience and wisdom do count for a lot. And it’s largely contingent on the domain and the kind of programming being done whether energy trumps wisdom or vice versa.

Why our country lack in this field

The IT sector of Pakistan currently faces many challenges and barriers like unavailability of the internet in many areas, inadequate educational capacity in IT, inadequate legal framework, lack of innovative ICT infrastructure, lack of technology parks, lack of R&D, low ICT rankings in world indices and more. The IT sector still faces the following challenges.

  1. Unavailability of the Internet.
  2. Inadequate educational capacity in ICT.
  3. Lack of Intellectual Property Protection.
  4. The legal framework for eCommerce is lacking.
  5. Lack of Technology Parks & Incubators.
  6. Pakistan’s low ICT ranking on world indices.