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This article will serve as a university admissions guide and career development. Getting into the University of your Dreams is always a strenuous task. This is the first step when it comes to career development. Every child upon entering secondary or primary school makes a wish list of all the colleges/universities they admire.

Are students Doing Enough to Gain Admission?

While a few students actually put in the effort there are many students who are not guided properly. Hence, this proves as a hindrance in their path of success. Our education system tends to focus more on grades than character building and career counseling. With the many flaws students often fail to access admission into the university of their dreams.

This is the first step to career development and must be dealt with carefully and on time!

Research Process

Doing the right research is a prerequisite which is the most essential of all the steps. The research must not be delayed to a month before university deadlines but one should proceed with it as soon as one approaches secondary school (A levels/FSC). There are a certain things that must be considered into the research. First things first; one needs to know the eligibility criteria for each university you wish to apply to. One must know the grade requirements and shortlist universities where they fit in. Secondly, the net major thing to be analyzed is the costs that one will have to bear during the years of study. Once you have figured out the expenses you and your parents can bear the university list you made must be updated again. However many universities do offer financial aid and have a very friendly loan system. This again invites extensive research.

Moreover most importantly campus life should also match your personality alongside the living options. This is one of the most basic reasons on why students go for a gap year. The lack of awareness combined with inadequate and time research leaves them less likely to get into the University of their Dreams.

Entry Test Guidelines

 Once the research is done, a student must look up the entry test each university requires. Universities like NUST, IBA, LSE, FC College, and LUMS; all require an entry test to secure admission. However for the LUMS business and school of social sciences, one must take the SAT. NUST and IBA also accept SAT-1/2 scores. However which ever test a student goes for one must aim for the highest. collecting material

Collecting Material

Preparing for an entry test requires dedication and also an ample amount of time before your test date arrives. Firstly, one must thoroughly look through the requirements of the test followed by the collection of resources in order to ace it. These resources could be books recommended by seniors who have gone through the process or through research done by you.

Understanding the Concepts

The next step is to understand the concept. Students who do not get their concepts clear are less likely to perform better in entrance test exams. This is the very reason why one must start preparing a little early instead of leaving things for the last minute. Understanding concepts if you have paid attention in class before does consume a little time before you go for your final revision.

Experiencing First Hand

Some universities conduct their tests more than once such as NUST; this is for students to have a greater chance of success. For somebody applying to a university that allows students to sit more than once for the test; I advise them to do so. I believe that no matter how much you hear from your seniors and fellows once must always experience things first hand. Experiencing things first hand always give you an exact idea of what to expect and how to manage time.

Time Management

Tests are often designed in a way that consume more time to solve, the questions themselves might not be very difficult but the time constraint makes them hard to solve. Students often, are forced to leave many questions, to overcome this issue students may attempt many practice tests in order to get prone to the time constraint. Once you have checked all the prerequisites on the list, you must now start your final revision a week or two before the test day. This period must be very light since over study often messes things up.

Dealing with Anxiety

Lastly we will now talk about how to deal with the crippling anxiety and pressure students’ face during this phase. The pressure may come from the family or friends due to high expectations or competition. Dealing with anxiety is necessary in order to ace the tests and fulfill your dreams. One must take breaks after a long interval of studying. These breaks could be random walks around or movie breaks. Moreover listening to songs while preparing keeps me fresh so that is also a good option to go with stuff smoothly.

One of the most detrimental states is when a student loses motivation and does not want to put in anymore effort. I myself have gone through this and the best remedy that works for me is looking up to the website of my dream university. It could be a virtual tour or scrolling through their instagram/facebook pages. This once again fuels your motivation levels similar to that in the start of the process.

Before I conclude I would like to advise everyone to stay true to their goals and believe in themselves. Moreover learn from your mistakes not think about them for a lifetime!

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