NASA planning Colonization of Moon

Neil Armstrong stepped on Moon but life on the Moon is still a question mark.On one side the entire world is caught by the fear of corona virus while on the other hand an Independent Agency is up to something.

Yes, NASA is planning for colonization of the Moon. They plan to test the survival of people on the Moon. The space agency’s Artemis program hopes to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024.

One aim is to create an Artemis Base Camp that will allow humans to live on the Moon. The plan is for four astronauts to live in accommodation there, possibly for a week at a time.

If humans were to stay any longer their accommodation will require more complicated things like a water and waste disposal system, radiation shielding, a launching pad and infrastructure for power. This can further complicate their survival on Moon.

Two mobility systems have been suggested, including a lunar terrain vehicle. The other vehicle is known as a habitable mobility platform that can ferry crew from the base. This vehicle would be used for longer trips as it would be contained and pressurized, whereas the lunar terrain vehicle would require a human to wear protective clothing.

The habitable vehicle would essentially be like a camper van. The moon base is also intended to help astronauts prepare for an eventual trip to Mars. They plan for an interspace journey.

NASA said: “In time, Artemis Base Camp might also include a hopper that could deliver science and technology payloads all over the moon and which could be operated by crew at Artemis Base Camp and refueled using locally sourced propellant.”

The space agency added:” A lunar far-side radio telescope could also be remotely emplaced and operated from Artemis Base Camp — a sort of backyard radio-telescope at our first encampment on the moon.”

Moon is our closest neighbor. Earth and the Moon have “synchronous rotation”, which means we always see the same side of the Moon. Temperatures on the Moon range from minus 173 degrees Celsius to 260 degrees Celsius. So there is a possibility of life on the Moon and let’s see how far NASA succeeds.

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