Online Learning and Its Effectivenss| Career Development

Present conditions of COVID-19 introduced many countries with new modes of learning opportunities. Likewise, in our country, it is the first time that we tested and tried this method of online learning. It is a new experience for both students and teachers to get to play with technology as a learning tool. After the two-week break because of this epidemic, it made this necessary to go for a virtual classroom system. So that’s why we adopt the online learning concept to compensate for the gap due to lockdown.

Online learning demands the availability of a computer and an internet facility. In our country, the internet facility is not available in every area. Even if it’s present, its quality is not up to the mark. Also, sometimes because of load shedding problems, it makes the adoption of online learning more difficult. We are at the early stage of the adoption of this new mode of learning. It will take time to make it more effective in our country.

If we consider these virtual learning platforms without considering these problems, it will help to understand the situation better. In virtual classes, the attention span is more than in face-to-face settings. In this mode of learning, distraction in students’ attention by their surroundings and coworkers is minimal. But its effectiveness depends on the student’s will of learning and their seriousness. The reason may be that because teachers can’t control the engagement of students that much by their student’s facial expressions.

In this mode of learning, sometimes the problem might be that stops students from its adoption is that they can only listen to the teacher. Precisely, students’ input gets limited in virtual classrooms. For making the learning effective, teachers should create content that makes learning more interactive. For example, they can give students tasks that they have to submit within the class time. This will might give the students a flavor of physical class settings. Because in this way they can interact with their class and in check of their teachers instead of just listening.

Online learning provides ease to the students to take classes from home and get rid of traveling and other expenses. But it holds up the foundation in other ways. Like in the face-to-face mode, the classes are more interactive in which students can develop several skills. Like teamwork, counterargument, presentation skills, and other such areas are not addressed by this way of learning. These virtual classes eliminate hand-on experiences, which is the most important part of learning. Also, online learning hinders the opportunity for the student to develop their skills in Co-curricular activities. When people meet personally, they are better able to develop themselves. 

Online learning is a pleasant opportunity in that way if you want to take additional courses to develop your skill. This facility allows the students to attend the university courses of their interest from any university across the world. Distance learning makes education more accessible and provides more opportunities for growth.   

If this epidemic does not lead us to shift to online learning, then things might remain the same for many years. But now, we would have better ways of offering online classes and able to set good SOPs. That will make education more accessible to everyone and open new doors of development.

Many platforms are providing these opportunities for students to learn from home. These platforms provide students a facility to study with his or her convenience at home. They award students with certificates after the course of completion. Some of these platforms are Coursera, Edx, and Udemy, and others are providing an opportunity for students to learn online. People from all over the world are strengthening their skills. Nowadays, professionals along with students are making most out of these Platforms. Because it provides them an opportunity to grow in their industry. You can also try these platforms, their pricing is very reasonable, and the average person can afford them. Happy learning!!!

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