How to Ace your Entrances Exam?| Career Development

Every student after completing his or her college starts preparing for the most important milestone of his or her academic life. At that time, they work tirelessly to make their dreams true. They opt for any medium that might help them in preparation for their entrance exam. But some key factors are missed by most of the students. For example, if you are a soldier, you learn well the use of each weapon in your training. But at the time of war, you can’t rely on your knowledge only, you have to make a game plan that will guide you on how to use that knowledge because only mastering the tools could not help you to win. Likewise is the case for your entrance test. 

Entrances exam like any other exam is a game of chance and its mere gamble. It asks a lot of hard work along with smart work. If you do not want to lose your chance, then prepare a plan for the exam which guides you about your seconds in the exam hall. In any exam, you are going to get less time than the number of questions in the exam. So for that purpose, you should know beforehand on which key areas they will examine you and what your strategy would be.

At the beginning of the exam, when the examiner provides you the rough sheet, try to write every formula or table that might save your time afterward. Especially most of these kinds of exams contain some IQ questions in which you have to do some rough work before solving them, try to do that at this time. Like, write alphabets in order along with the number on them. Similarly, draw cardinal direction that will help to solve the direction test. So precisely do all that kind of rough work according to the paper pattern will help you. 

Every entrance exam contains some sections and some weightage assigned to them following a number of questions in each part. You should divide your time into sections according to the level of difficulty for you in each section. Try to start your exam with the section on which you are confident and comfortable in solving. It will help you relax, boost your enthusiasm, and give you a scene of accomplishment. And those which are difficult on the list leave them for the last. This strategy makes it easy for you to solve those tough ones when you have a relaxed mind.

Now when the test starts, the next biggest hurdle is managing the time. If you are using the strategy of leaving the difficult ones for the end, it will only help if you manage the time. The portions, which are easy for you, give them the least amount of time. Like, if the portion contains 30 MCQs and mostly are textbook-based or common scene is answering that question. Try to spend only 10-12 minutes to solve them. And those portions which are difficult or have the maximum weightage give them most of your time. A tip for fast solving is that if your question is too big to read like in comprehensions, check your MCQs options first. Then try to find the key terms of answers in a question.

If you stuck at some question and it is eating your time then you need to move toward the next question. But not leave them unmarked instead mark any option that you think is the most appropriate one. Also, mark it review for later review in the computer-based tests. But in case of the written test make a key on a rough sheet where write the option that you think might be correct and check those MCQs in the end. Precisely try not to cross the set time limit for each portion otherwise that will build pressure and anxiety. 

Now after completing your test come to the review questions. Never leave such questions unmarked if there is no negative marking. But instead choose your answer from “option B” or “option C” because these answers always have a high percentage of being correct. The reason is that the answer-key of such tests follows the pattern of the graph that lies in the center and rarely on extremes which are “option A” or “option D” .

Last but not least is the mental stability while doing the test. Free your mind from any pressure and consider yourself the master of that game. This positive attitude will help to ace your test. One of my friends had low grades in college. He thought that what so ever the case he would not be able to get admission. He went for the test without any pressure just for the experience and scored so good that he got admission. It all happened because he outperformed by staying relaxed and composed to make the most out of his brain. 

So try to follow these tips and tricks to ace your test and make your dreams come true!!!

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