Cockroach racing is a rather unheard sport that started off in Australia, Brisbane. Boasting about the things we have is in fact in the nature of humans. This is what happened and consequently, this sport was created. It is a very popular and famous sport in Australia.


In 1982, two people in a bar betted on that they had faster-running cockroaches in their respective areas. To test it, they held a match in which they made their cockroaches run in the parking area. Now, this event takes place on the 26th of January every year, Australia Day. And is known as the “Australia day cockroach races”.Besides in Australia, this rare sport is now conducted in many countries including the US and North America as well. It takes place for the sake of entertainment and prizes.


The rules for this sport are simple and easy. Some of them are as following:

  1. The race starts when the person lifts the gate and the cockroach that touches the line first is the winner.
  2. The cockroach that flies is disqualified.
  3. Ownership to the cockroaches is canceled after each race.
  4. Trophies are awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd winners.
  5. You can buy a cockroach from the steward of the race as well.


cockrGOSHEN, KENTUCKY – APRIL 30: Madagascar hissing cockroaches compete in the “Run for the Roaches” race at St. Francis School on April 30, 2020, in Goshen, Kentucky. The annual race was held by Joann Collins Brock, a second-grade teacher at St. Francis School whose students are learning at home because the school is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The race was held using cockroaches that are class pets and was watched online remotely by Brock’s students. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

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Cockroach racing started as a gambling sport in Australia. Moreover, in the US, students of the entomology University of Loyola Maryland call it Madagascar madness: the running of roaches. They train their cockroaches for running over a short distance in a limited period of time and gamble on it. A lot of people gather to witness this event. It is also used to predict the presidency in the state.


In 2012, the money collected from this event were utilized to provide scholarships to local students.


In the film ” Race the Sun”, which dramatized the event of the solar car race event. One of the car racers had an entry named “Cockroach”. And his car was designed in order to give it an organic look of a cockroach. This idea inspired cockroach racing among people. This further led to the development of robo-roaches.

Also in drama play, CSI ( Crime Scene Investigation), the case investigator is an entomologist. He seemed more interested in cockroach racing instead of solving the murder case. Also, he took a jar of cockroaches at a conference. In the end, when the case is solved he gloomily says that his cockroaches could only win 2nd, 3rd, and 5th.


This sport doesn’t involve any sort of animal cruelty. And is safe from any sort of harm.

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