Camel Wrestling: A Traditional Sport

Camel wrestling, a traditional sport, involves two male camels Tulu wrestle for the affection of females. These competitions take place in November and end in March. It is one of the popular and favorite sports in Turkey. Today camel wrestling takes place in the Aegean region and the Mediterranean in Anatolia.

Spectators and owners name every camel on the bases of their qualities and behavior. A piece of embroidered cloth having the name of the wrestling camel and word MASHA ALLAH just below the camel name. This piece of cloth is hung on behind the saddle. Dresses of owners and spectators are a different and unique style and they look distinctive because of their traditional dresses including caps, traditional scarves, boots, trousers, and jackets.

The place where matches take place known as the arena. During matches, people including spectators bring their own cushions and comfort sitters.

History of Camel Wrestling:

This traditional sport originated in Turkey about 2400 years ago. In history, it was seen that when nomads tribes were settled, they were dependent on camels for the transport of goods and livelihood.

Camel Wrestling League:

There is a camel wrestling league arranged between November and March every year in the Aegean region and the Mediterranean in Anatolia. Strict rules are mandatory to protect the welfare of the animals.

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Camel Wrestling Rules:

Like other animal sports, this sport also has mandatory rules and regulations to protect camels safe from serious injuries. Different areas have different precautionary rules. That camel is the winner who fights with another camel to ground. And a camel is a loser if he runs away. The time period for each wrestling is about 10-15 minutes. Competitions take place traditionally and in a disciplinary manner.

Victory Declaration:

Declaration of camel’s victory is based on four set points. A camel is a winner if he makes another camel fall and screams. The third way is if a camel pulls back another camel. And the fourth way is if the owner of the competing camel wants to save his camel from injuries, he throws a rope on the ground which indicates he is leaving the competition. This act shows the victory of another camel. The owner of the winner camel and spectators go back with joy, pride, and happiness.

Camel Wrestling: A Violent Sport:

In the season of this traditional sport, owners decorate and force the camels to take part in the violent and cruel competition to harm another camel. People use animals in different cruel competitions just to feed hungry human minds and for people’s entertainment. People for the Ethical Treatment ( PETA) seems against this cruel competition. According to PETA’s statement given on their website, animals are not actors or circus clown as thousands of them show silly actions under punishment threats and harm the other animals.

Camel Wrestling

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Source: Camel Wrestling Events in Western Turkey

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