Artificial Intelligence and Modern Urban Planning techniques

We are living in the digital era where our dependency on machine is directly related to the efficiency and speed required for the task. The term Artificial Intelligence (AI) is as a qualitative measure to show the importance of computer programming in our daily life. With time, artificial intelligence is showing its impacts on various fields. These fields vary from education to costumer services and other day to day tasks. AI also has its role in business planning and Urban planning.

Standard Sustainable Development Goals aim for development of smart cities and infrastructure. In this case, AI appears to be our best option. Firstly, techniques like machine learning and algorithms will help the urban planners to be more efficient in resource. This will help in increasing productivity and have the least risk involved in the creation of the new infrastructure. Secondly, AI can help in improving health care facilities and traffic congestion issues. Thirdly, it has capacity to predict the infrastructural and environmental needs pertaining to  increase in population and change in climate.

Artificial Intelligence will help in increasing productivity and have the least risk involved in the creation of the new infrastructure.

Photo by Anastasia Dulgier on Unsplash

Startups like CHAOS AI and Teleport, and setups like AliCloud are using AI for different planning techniques. Oracle aims to support the local government for better traffic and community management. Cities such as Singapore and Dubai are implementing AI in their city planning policy for improve surveillance and management of the communities. Authorities, academic institutions and general public are showing interest towards the implementation of artificial intelligence. Beside all the benefits AI provides, some questions show the darker side of the shift.

Is it possible that our biasness towards digital world, cloud our judgement and neglect the possible weaknesses of the system? Will this shift towards machine dependency lessen our creative capacity and enhance our vulnerability towards cyber-crime and privacy invasion? Questions like these need to be taken seriously so that the shift towards AI can bring as many positive outcomes for the society as possible.

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