20 Best Digital Institutions for Kids

Have you ever saw a screen in a 2-year-old hand and wondered how much technology is taking over our lives? Kids these days are obsessed with YouTube and other digital platforms. Many children start watching the screen from a very early stage.

After home, YouTube channels are the first learning platforms for kids. It is very important for parents to keep an eye on their child and make him/her watch the channels to provide logical information. The Internet is a strange place for children. These 20 YouTube channels are favorite to both children and parents. They provide entertainment and learning side by side.

1. Cocomelon- Nursery Rhymes:

Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

This is a Nursery Rhymes channel for kids age 2-7. They upload videos on a weekly basis. Their videos usually feature nursery rhymes sung by cute little cartoons. This channel provides learning to children and kids can also remember these rhymes by singing along with the characters.



This channel has a cute character name Pocoyo. He goes on little adventures and exploring. This channel is for toddlers. Pocoyo always gives the message of respect, friendships, and courage and it is very important for children of this age to learn these lessons. They will help them to grow into a wonderful human being.

3. Blippi:


Blippi is one of the most amazing channels on YouTube. The channel is specially made for pre-scholars. The energetic host takes children on a journey that is fun and educational. Their videos are packed with numbers, alphabets, and shapes. Their content is very colorful and appealing to children.

4. Ryan’s World:

Ryan's World.jpg
Ryan’s World

With millions of subscribers, this channel is heaven for elementary school kids. This channel is filled with amazing, safe, and fun science experiments. Ryan is also a school going kid and he explains everything so well that every kid would start taking interest in science.

5. Draw so cute:

Draw so cute.jpg
Draw So Cute

Is your kid an artist? If yes, then this is his learning platform. Draw so cute teaches kids how to draw simple shapes or animals using simple and easy techniques. This channel would wake up the artist inside every kid.

6. Kids Learning Tube:

kids learning tube.jpg
Kids Learning Tube

For kids age 7-12, this channel is highly recommended. They make songs or poems about the most difficult phenomena of life. Their videos include songs about planets, moons, and geography. They help every student to learn these basic concepts very easily and in a fun way.

7. Baby Einstein:

Baby Einstein.jpg
Baby Einstein

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This channel is designed for toddlers. The main focus of the channel is cartoons and rhymes. Sometimes baby products are featured on this channel. With the use of cartoons and colorful images, this channel attracts many toddlers.

8. Charli’s Crafty Kitchen:

charlis crafty kitchen.jpg
Charli’s Crafty Kitchen

CharlisCraftyKitchen will make your kids go run for their kitchen. The hosts of the channel make kids friendly recipes that are both delicious and fun looking. If you want your child to help you in the kitchen show them these amazing videos.

9. Cool School:

cool school.jpg
Cool School

All the cool kids attend this school. This channel is an interesting spin on boring classrooms and books. The teachers teach in such a fun way that tour children will insist on going to school every day.

10. Sesame Street:

Sesame Street.jpg
Sesame Street

This is the longest-running children’s show. Many TV Channels broadcasted it and now they have their own YouTube channel. The cartoons feature the most amazing characters and their favorite adventures.

11. PBS Kids:

PBS Kids.jpg
PBS Kids

If you want your children to take an interest in mathematics and science from an early age this is the right start. This channel uploads videos that promote fun education and early learning for toddlers and pre-scholars.

12. Simple Kids Crafts:

simple kids craft.jpg
Simple Kids Crafts

Children should be familiar with concepts of DIY and recycling from the early stages of life. Simple kids craft encourages children to craft things using recycled products. They teach students to make projects for school using the DIY technique with daily used products.

13. Mother Goose Club:

Mother Goose club.jpg
Mother Goose Club

Cartoonist family attracts toddlers and children. They produce videos that include nursery rhymes and songs. They make learning videos as well as math songs or English alphabets.

14. Minute Physics:

Minute Physics.png
Minute Physics

Are you raising a physicist? If your child got a minute then he can learn all the complex topics of physics like gravity and forces in that minute.

15. Toys Unlimited:

Toys unlimited.png
Toys Unlimites

This channel reviews all sorts of toys, play dohs, puzzles and so much more. It is informational for both parents and children as it tells which toys are good to play with and what their price range is.

16. Nat Geo Kids:

natgeo kids.jpg
NatGeo Kids

From information about animals to oceans this channel covers everything your child needs to learn. They teach in such a fun way that your child will never feel bored.

17. Guided Meditation:

Guided Meditation.jpg
Guided Meditation

Are you worried your kid is not getting much physical activity? Guided Meditation provides different exercise and yoga videos. Kids will love to do these activities with their favorite characters.

18. Toy and Play:

Toy and play.jpg
Toy and Play

They will make your kid learn everything using their favorite toys. Kids love toys and what if their toys are the way to learn. This unique channel is popular both among children and parents.

19. Ted-Ed:

tED eD.jpg

This Channel challenges kids by riddles and puzzles. They involve parents as well. This channel makes kids think outside of the box.

20. Toys Review Toys:

Toy Review Toys

The names say it all! There are toys who are reviewing other toys. What’s more fun than that?

This is the complete guide for your child. Make their screen time count. Show them something that is worth it. Are you ready to make your kid shine?

-Areeba Hussain