Are your things cluttered everywhere? Is your productivity decreased because of all the mess on your desk? Well, worry not because we are here to rescue you.

A clean workspace can increase productivity by up to 50%. People usually throw everything on their desks and then they turn into a giant mess. These are the steps to organize your desk area.

Time needed: 1 hour.

  1. Clean Your Desk

    Remove everything from your desk and clean it with a cloth and distilled water. Remove all the stains and if possible polish it with some paint.

  2. Throw away unnecessary things

    Take a look at all those things you cleared out from the desk. Throw away all those things you are not using any more like pens, pencils, old notebooks, extra paper, etc.

  3. Group all the items

    Make a list and see what things belong together. Choose all the items you want to put in the drawers. Gather all the elements that have to be put on the desk.

  4. Clean your Essentials

    Clean all the elements thoroughly especially that are going to be displayed on the desk. If you are going to put a PC or a laptop on the desk make sure to clean the keyboards and screens with a cloth.

  5. Organize everything

    Put all your things back on the desk properly in an organized way. Only keep the items on a desk that you use more often. Use small containers for your pens and small stationery. Always put your things back on their own place after using them.

Voilaa!! You got an organized desk. Now this will motivate you to work like a superman and all your tasks will be completed in no time.