Skill Enhancement: Digital Courses From worldly goods

Lets grab expanded learning opportunities by using technology and digital stuff created by world’s top properties. Restaurants and Nutritionists are offering opened doors of great knowledge globally. Digital courses of extreme knowledge of different educational courses are also released so that anyone can avail this great opportunity for skill enhancement. Digital courses for skill enhancement from worldly goods help us to grab new skills just by sitting at home.


Galileo being well recognized part of Travel Group of Companies, providing GDS (Global Distribution System) courses to open the doors of wealth of their knowledge. After being enlightened by their courses, one can enjoy best travel job.

Wellness Lifestyles:

Joy Bauer Nutritionist, is sharing healthy lifestyle by making online lectures and digital stuff on her Instagram @JoyBauer as well as  on twitter @joybauer. People can enter in the world full of healthy knowledge. She is sharing fully nutritional recipes as well as strategies to reduce the stress. In addition health hacks, she shared her healthy lifestyle to inspire others via social channels.

Joy Bauer with her recipe

Canyon Ranch luxurious wellness lifestyles brand, imparting knowledge of immune boosting, nutrition, stress management,fitness and spirituality. Its staff doing a great job by sharing informative articles like kids mindfulness  and meditation.

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Yoga And Health:

Kathryn Budig internationally recognized yoga teacher and writer, is creating online stuff and courses to make things and life easier for people via social channels, Facebook and Twitter . She has given many courses to integrate yoga and meditation into daily life.

Kripalu center of yoga and health, largest yoga retreat center is also providing online videos on Facebook  @kripalucenter. They are creating online stuff based on yoga classes as well as meditation for the people so they keep better care of their health.


WHO (World Health Organisation) is also providing knowledge as well as training through digital stuff. WHO updates on Instagram page @who  and Facebook page World Health Organization (WHO) about different parts and conditions of world’s health.  Highly appreciated organisations, UNICEF, Microsoft, Birmingham University, British Council and Harvard University are releasing online courses to spread their knowledge across the world. In addition, Unilever largest company of foods, is also releasing online courses to make people get more and more benefits.


Jose Andres Spanish Chef, founder of World Central Kitchen , is releasing Online courses  to make people eat and enjoy delicious food. He is creating masterpiece food recipes to grab viewers attention towards his digital stuff.

World Central Kitchen

Notsuko shoji japenese chef, female owner is also creating digital stuff to show her wonderful skills. Chef Diego Oka of Mandarin Oriental, Miami’s Award winning, is now releasing cooking videos on his instagram page @diegooka.


Advance technology gives you a hand to grab all the great opportunities provided by top and great properties and to make a good use of your time. You can access to any platform of digital data to get more and more benefits. You can enhance your skills by reaching to digital platforms. So, digital courses for skill enhancement from worldly goods help us to grab new skills just by sitting at home.

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