Climate Change; a hoax

No matter how much proof there is to any theory, some people always find ways to argue with the facts and figures, calling it a hoax.

Conspiracy theories revolve around every other important event or issue be it moon landing, vaccinations, 9/11, area 51 or Diana’s crash. Some of these theories have some weight to them but none were ever proven has truth.

Climate change is like no other. There are many conspiracy theories attached to this simple concept that the climate of the world is changing due to the emissions of greenhouse gases. Over the past couple of decades, scientists can have painted a clear image of how the Earth is changing and how it may look in a few years.

In 2013, a study conducted in the United States revealed that around 40% of the respondents considered climate change to be a fraud. People regard climate change as the manipulation of data in order for financial or ideological benefits of people in power, calling it a hoax.

Climate change; a hoax

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A Big Chinese funded conspiracy

It is somewhat surprising when a person elected as the president of the world’s most influential country calls climate change ‘a big Chinese-funded conspiracy’. Donald Trump repeatedly called climate change a hoax in his election campaign of 2016. Majority of his followers also believe that climate change is a cover up for a political agenda of the scientists.

A natural cycle

There are people who claim that climate change is a natural cycle. According to them, there hasn’t been a shacking change in the climate of the world and whatever is happening is nothing out of the ordinary.

It’s still raining

As stupid as they may sound, there are people who ask why it’s still raining if the earth is getting hotter? This is actually the most thing to explain on this list. First, heat causes the water to evaporate. Second, the evaporated vapours form clouds. Third, the clouds get heavy and result in rain.

The equipment and models are questionable

Apparently, the data gathered by the scientists using the most expensive equipment, spending years on research, is wrong. People claim that the models are false and imaginary. They use manipulated data and produce results unrelated to the Earth.

Conspiracy theories can be amusing, annoying or exhausting, depending on your point of view. They are also in some cases, true. However, it is essential that we adopt the practice of understand and inform rather than hear and tell.

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