Stepped into my teenage

Teenage is a crucial and revolutionary time of one’s life. It has a huge effect on someone’s life as many changes, developments in life. The whole personality of a person builds up in just these 8 years of whole life. You have to lose your childhood to catch your boyhood and the awaiting life. Every young child has been told by its importance but only the lucky one understands it. Are there any difficulties with this? What can I do? What will be my future? Am I ready to accept the changes and bear my responsibilities? And many more questions of this type arouses in youngster and at times these questions them to may many problems like


Over Curiosity and Impatience:

In teenage, you just entered a new era of your life where you see many alterations in you. You are on your path to becoming an adult. They are curious about the new things in their life about the changes and the results of those changes. And at this age, most of the people are unfamiliar with the glory of their childhood they want to become a grown-up quickly so they can control their life on their terms.

Eagerness of becoming an adult:

Mostly in the age from 13 to 15 the impatience leads many of youngsters to the wrong side of attaining things before time. They may be caught in the company of elders and get things that are harmful to their age like smoking etc and the lust of things before their time always causes harm.


Burdens and Responsibilities:

Childhood is the tension-free zone where life is free of burdens and responsibilities. But as you stepped in the teenage things become different. There you have responsibilities of studies, of the future, of your life. You are burdened with certain things like “merit is very important”, grades, and other such things which are no doubt important but you were not mentally prepared.

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Bad Addictions:

As like most of the elements, your hobbies also change, and if you don’t choose them wisely they may become addictions and eventually can ruin you. These addictions maybe like

Drug addiction:

The most common and most deadly addiction of all is drug addiction. At first, people choose it as fashion at a young age, as a try to be cool but gradually it becomes an addiction more you get more you want of it. Generally, people start with cigarettes which is the first step in the dark world of narcotics. Then when the need goes on increasing the type of the drug becomes more deadly.

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