Teenage Problems

Anxious teenagers

Over the past decade , anxiety in teenagers aged 13 to 18 has went up 20% . Sadly the suicidal rate has doubled in past years too. Some prominent causes of anxiety includes academic pressure , social media, and other life threatening events that takes place in this age. As a matter of fact , the whole world is not the same as it used to be 20 years back . Similarly the academics has taken a huge shift too , which is now more a competition and formalities rather than actual learning. Schools and colleges have set standards for their students which is not less than an ugly discrimination. It is overwhelming for teenagers to ace the entrance exam of top colleges which is often disappointing and depressing . This ultimately cause anxiety at an early age.

Moreover, those enrolled in schools/colleges are judged on their academic record that is in the form of GPA or subject grades. Teachers and parents play important role in demoralizing their own student /children. They treat the teens based on their marks and humiliate those not able to meet the expectations. Social media is another dark reality that has contaminated the brain of youth. The immature mind of teenagers is not able to digest the fantasies showcased hence they go into inferiority complex and their self esteem is destroyed. We have also seen an increase in violence in 21st century. Schools are being bombed and terrorist activities are carried out that contributes to the fear in adolescent easily. In order to cater the rising anxiety issues in minors is to detect them as soon as possible.

Possible signs of a teenage in trouble:
  • Avoiding activities, school, or social interactions
  • Changes in behavior, such as irritability  
  • Dropping grades or school avoidance
  • Trouble sleeping or concentrating
  • Chronic physical complaints, such as fatigue, headaches, or stomachaches.

Parents and teachers should provide counselling to the young minds and in the time of crises and depression they should morally support them. Teenager should be taught that their is more to life than achievement and more ways to showcase their talent other than studies.


Teenagers nowadays are rebels. This rebellion behavior is usually adopted from the society that demands them to pursue what is wrong. Similarly the friends circle that a boy or girl possess defines their everyday behavior. Teenage age is the golden time to decide what a person wants to do with his/her life. Unfortunately, the lack of guidance makes them irresponsible and non serious about their future goals.

They are involved in unlawful and unhealthy activities such as drug abuse, porn,reckless driving , late night hangouts etc. The mindset of living with freedom does not let the young mind move on from the childhood. The lack of strictness from parents and proper awareness is also a cause of this erratic behavior. Minors should be taught the dangers of wrong activities and self control from the start so that they spend their efforts in rightful acts and productive work. Remember, becoming mature before the 20s always results in a fruitful life.

Blooming desires

One of the most common problem among teenagers is discovering sex through wrong means. This discovery leads to urge of having illegal relationships and unprotected sex. Naturally, everyone is meant to get attracted with the opposite gender but at the right age and in proper manner . Unfortunately, parents consider sex education as an inappropriate discussion and usually avoid it. We need to end this practice and talk openly about the sex education in order to incline the young generation towards right path.

Every other guy wants to be in a relationship so that he/she could be considered complete in his social circle. This does not stops right here, the sexual urge and their underdeveloped mind isn’t able to prevent them from getting intimate . As a result , some are bound to run away from their homes to avoid humiliation while others opt for abortion which is totally wrong ethically. Their are ways to get around these desires if you lack self control. First is to get married at an early age . This is the most authentic , legal and safest way you can choose to fulfill your desires . Another one is to practice fasting which helps your hormones to stay calm during the day and you crave for food more than sex.



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