The Education of Climate Change|Its Importance

Climate change denotes to any changes in climate that last longer than a prolonged period in a region. Thus, including major changes such as global temperatures, wind patterns, precipitation, and other factors that have occurred over the decades. The education of climate change|Its importance show how it adds up to people’s responses to global changes. It is understood that the more educated the youth is of each nation regarding climate changes; the more the chance of betterment in the climate.

This is because it will help everyone understand the impact of global warming and increase their climate literacy; allowing them to behave in certain ways so that they can affect the climate changes positively; and adapt to the change in trends as well. The increase in climate change awareness leads to people adapting to more sustainable lifestyles; overall influencing the global climate positively.

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But the question is:
How aware are we regarding climate change and; are we all equally aware and responsive to it as a responsible individual?
The Education of Climate Change|Its Importance

The answers may differ for each one of us as we all are geographically based in different regions of the world; all equipped with a different set of resources. Some fortunate; the developed nations while others less fortunate; the developing 3rd world countries. When we talk about the Fortunate and less fortunate; it is in the sense of education related to climate change. When living in a developed country; an individual is more likely to be educated at school or college regarding climate and its changes throughout. As the availability of resources and the affordability to follow rules and work sustainably; is something that their governments and systems can support thus eventually making them less deprived.

The Education of Climate Change|Its Importance

However, when we consider 3rd world countries like Pakistan; and expect the nation to be fully aware of such a vital yet not something they can afford topic; it is unfortunately not fair. As people in such countries mainly aim to survive with the available resources. Affording sustainable methods is not something their governments can focus on as their basic issues are yet to be resolved. This is no doubt not a fair enough excuse; but it is surely something that we must consider for a fair comparison between different countries around the globe.

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The education and awareness of climate change is no competition among nations; but is a combined effort in favor of us all. Unfortunately for a country like Pakistan which has faced several disasters; the awareness of climate change is surely very important yet very challenging.

The Education of Climate Change|Its Importance

Considering how the methodology of spreading awareness has changed over time; influential people could be approached by the states to spread awareness along with the use of advertisements; to improve the awareness of everyone through our main source of information in today’s time- Media. This approach could be used by each one of us; as a simple share on Facebook or a posted story on Instagram or Snapchat; add up to making our society a better and safer place to live in. Not only sharing will help as you must-

“Practice what you preach”

Another very important question is:
How are we going to sustainably develop and grow to positively impact climate change?

The answer is – Education

The Education of Climate Change|Its Importance

If people are aided with the right education regarding what is best for us in the short and long run; people will mend their behaviors and reset their values thus eventually encouraging them to adopt sustainable lifestyles. This can also solve issues of poverty, increase in diseases, and malnutrition problems; thus, benefiting us all.

We do understand that the developing countries are least responsible when it comes to climate change; however, they are at most risk. It is indeed one of the biggest challenges of our time and so; the education systems can be the most efficient in raising awareness and convincing the masses to sustainably develop and positively impact climate change. Educational institutes are where our future; the ‘youth’ attends nearly 70% of days a year. It is surely an irreplaceable source that instills a mindset into all of us; effecting our life to a great extent.

Not enough emphasis can be made on the importance of education of climate change all over the world; as this is something our lives right now and our lives in the future depend on. Controlling and making a healthier environment using sustainable methods will not only make our today better but will allow us to have a healthier and safer tomorrow.

Something that we must never forget is that-

The Education of Climate Change

“The future of mother earth lies in our hands”

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