Teenage Mental Issues and Growth

We have all been through teenage. For some of us, it has completely changed us and helped us become a better person whereas for others, it has taken them down a dark path. I believe it depends on how we perceive our life and how we react to the circumstances we are in. When we enter into adolescence, our body grows and changes but more than that our canvas expands, and we are prone to changing our mindsets, beliefs, and perception. I believe this phase of a person’s life is one of the most important times of his/her life.

  • Our Mental Health:

And there within lies the most crucial part of it, “The Mind”. A teen’s mind is fragile and prone to change. That is why we must handle ourselves very carefully. How we talk to ourselves, how we react to all the betrayals, misunderstandings, hardships, and the struggles, it defines us. Yes, its true we have bad days, depression, anxiety sometimes, and the heart wrenching feeling of being alone but what we need to accept is that without bad, the good would never prevail. Once we normalize experiencing bad things, this teenage gets a whole lot better mentally.

  • Our Parents:

What I need to talk about is generation X, our parents. This is one of the most sensitive topics of our life. There is a great communication gap between the two generations which leads to many misunderstandings and creates distance between relationships. All of you must have heard this at least once in your life, “What, that is not a real problem, so what if u mentally disturbed. Get over it, it’s nothing”. We must understand is that their parents, our grandparents, didn’t pay much attention of mental health and that is being mirrored in our parents. Once we accept this, we can be at peace with ourselves. Today, mental health issues like anxiety, depression etc. are without doubt a real problem. We can help each other through these things.

  • Our Future:

Remember I said, how we handle ourselves, defines who we are and who we chose to become. Choosing the right college, the right university, the right career, and the right friends, we go through this phase in our teenage. Yes, the experiences we go through play a role in shaping who we are but more importantly what matters is how we react and the decisions we make.

Most teens are not provided with the opportunities of proper career counseling to guide them and we have that “family pressure” culture in Pakistan that limits us. We should pursue our passion and aptitude while making these life decisions. More important than that, we should not fall for what others say, we should always listen to other’s opinions but in the end, the decision should be the one we would not regret 30,40 years into our life. Peace of mind and heart is a serious concern.

  • What we need to do:

Last but not the least, no matter how broken one’s family feels like, we should be thankful we are blessed with one. No family is ever perfect. Teenage is not only about going through physically changes, its about growing ourselves mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We are so centered upon our needs, our aims and wants that we often do not think about the person Infront of us, what they are going through and what their mindset is.

Here’s my theory: before you form an opinion about someone, think about what they might be going through, why they are acting like this, what happened and believe me, you will find a positive side of their story. Excellent question, why should you do this? The answer is, Its simple, positive thinking empowers positive mindset and positive mindset drives a positive life. Its all for your own peace.


Muhammad Fawad

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