Teenagers and the career issue

Career counseling is any type of advice given by counselors to their clients in order to help them to choose a career for them. This type of counseling is very common worldwide and it is very much important for every teenager.

Usually, children from ages 13-18 are considered teenagers. This age group of children is common in their high schools and they are choosing their careers at this time. It is highly important for them to get reliable advice about their career from a trustable adult.

In Pakistan, career counseling is not given any importance. Generally, teenagers are given just three choices by their parents. They can either be a doctor, an engineer, or a lawyer. Any profession other than these three is considered insignificant. There are a lot of issues that a normal teenager face while choosing his/her career.

  1. Pressure from parents:
parental pressure.jpg
Parents yelling on their Daughter

In Pakistan, when a child is born his parents decide his career right away. Whole school and college life children are pressured by their parents to get good grades else they will not get admission into their desired universities. This type of pressure can ruin a child’s abilities. Parents need to know that maybe their child wants to be an artist, an athlete, or something else. Every child has different interests and if you let them explore their interests they can do wonders.

  • Teenagers and the scope problem:
scope of the job.jpg
Different jobs for a person

Adolescents are always told that there is no scope of certain professions in this country. People always connect scope with money. If they think any jobs do not have the capability to pay enough money then there is no scope of that profession. The most important thing while choosing a career is job satisfaction and work-life balance. Students should be encouraged to choose a career that will satisfy both of these conditions. If they can find happiness in their job then it has a lot of scope for them.

  • Awareness:

The main cause of career counseling problems in today’s world is inadequate awareness. Children don’t even know what career choices they have. They just think if they will choose pre-med or engineering their life will be sorted. They should be given the awareness that there is life beyond these typical professions. They should be inspired to explore themselves and identify their own interests. Seminars or career counseling activities in schools and colleges will help a lot.

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  • Peer pressure:
peer pressure.jpg
Un-Healthy Competition

Competing with fellow children or colleagues is very common in our country. Kids are encouraged to compete from a very early age. Parents compare their children with others and that is why they always push their kids towards a career he is not interested in. This type of competition always sparks an inferiority complex in children. They should be given a choice to choose a lifestyle for themselves.

  • Our very own counselors:

In our society, every household has their own career counselor. This is usually a middle-aged man who will just de-motivate children and tell them there is no better job than a government job. Parents should never let their children be schooled by such people. They should always uplift their children and their choices.

  • Aldolenecets with zero expertise:
working teenager.jpg
Working Teenager

There is no Mores in Pakistan to let your children wok before completion of their studies. When students graduate from university they have no experience in practical life at all. If they are given opportunities or motivation to work from their college time then they will be able to make a more compact and practical decision about their career.

Students should be encouraged to choose a lifestyle that would make them happy from a very young age. They should never be pressured into something that they don’t want to do. Career counseling is very important for every child. Either parents or professionals should make an effort to listen to their children and help them make a decision. Schools should conduct seminars to give awareness to their students.

Finding that you love and making it a career is the most important thing. A Confucius said, “choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

-Areeba Hussain