15 Animal Sports| Famous around the World

Have you seen only sports being played by human beings? So here you can go down to see the different animal sports being played around the world. Many of those sports are cruel but many sports follow rules to not to harm the animals. You can see hundred and thousands of people with excitement and happy moods at the place where sports held. Some of the sports are held as traditional event and some sports are held for regular competition.

1- Camel wrestling|A traditional Sport:

Camel wrestling is one of the popular and favorite sport of people of Turkey. Competition of this traditional sport take place in November and end in March. Camels are well decorated with piece of embroidered cloth. This sport is also considered as violent sport and PETA took stand against it.

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2- Kambala| A Rural Festival:

Kambala is a rural and annual traditional festival which is celebrated from November to March. This rural festival is celebrated by the people of Southwestern Indian State Karnataka which includes buffalo race. Buffaloes are well trained before competition and this sport is also considered a cruel sport.

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3- Bear Shows|Man Vs Bear:

Do you wanna see a scary and exciting sport while sitting at your home? The Discovery Channel is bringing Man Vs Bear show with coordination of kinetic content. This show involves four challenges which are held between people and bear. PETA gave reviews against this show but at the start of episode channel claims that safety measures are taken into account.

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4- Goose Pulling| A Blood Sport:

Goose pulling was originated in Spain in 12th Century which then spread throughout the Europe afterwards. This sport is considered as a violent and a blood sport. Geese are provided with grass, dried poultry layers and wheat. Many people protested against this blood sport and this protest was considered and law was passed.

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5- Insect Fighting|Old Trend and New Approach:

Insect fighting, quite interesting and old game, includes spider fighting, cricket fighting, beetles fighting, bugs fighting and many more. Many people enjoy these games by attending the event and many enjoy on youtube and through online games. Cricket fighting is a Chinese traditional sport and beetles fighting is common game in the city of Thailand.

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6- Greyhound racing|Current Status:

Greyhound is one of the competitive animal sports and its current status is different from 20th century. This sport has two types of events named as dog racing and coursing. Many people are against this sport be considering it a violent sport as owners of dogs mistreat them. On the other side, many people consider this sport as a part of life.

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7- Snow-Polo: Crazy Elite Sports Event:

Have you heard about toughest and highly challenging sports? Here Snow polo is the one of them. Instead of grassy field, this sport is played on snowy terrain. Now, many countries are hosting their own snow polo games. People attend sport events with excitement and appreciate the players. It seems attractive as people enjoy snowy weather with the view of passionate players on horses.

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8- Horse Racing: A Rider’s Sport:

Most of the people love to ride the horses and have a great interest in horse racing sport. Like other sports, it also has some rules, specific diet plans horses are provided with and training program. There are three well known types of horse racing. It is one of the violent sport as 700-800 deaths of horses are reported each year.

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9- Cockroach Racing: An Unheard Gambling Sport:

An unheard sport, cockroach racing, is one of the Australian famous animal sports. It was originated in 1982 when two people in the bar betted on fast running speed of their cockroaches. Then they held a match between their cockroaches. This sport also has some rules to play. This sport does not involve any violent and harmful action.

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10- Bull Baiting-A Horrifying sport of Cruelness with Animals:

Bull baiting is horrifying and a violent sport. It involved setting a bull and dogs as rivals in the Bullring. In this sport, bull is tied to an iron in challenge with two dogs. Bull and dogs were given with proper food and training. But this sport was also prohibited and law was passed to stop it.

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11- Bull Leaping- Where Art and Danger Cross paths:

Taking it as figurative language? No! It is exactly how it sounds, people leap off a bull in this sport. Now, this sport is called as la Course Landaise. In the cities of North of Spain and the South west of France, this sport is seen being played. This sport does not involve any and any violent action so animal remain safe but the player is seen in dangerous situation.

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12- Pigeon Shooting: A game with a glorious past:

Pigeon shooting,a live bird shooting contest, is a game for high class. It is not that popular in the present as it was in the past. There are many factors behind its downfall but main factor is wildlife activism. Pigeon species of specific type is trained for this purpose.

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13- Sleddog Race: An Icy Sport:

Have you heard about competitive and icy animal sports? So, yes here you will get to know about a competitive and icy sport Sleddog. In this sport, strong thick-skinned dogs compete with storms and rain in cold winter land. The dogs drag a sled behind them and this sport is seen being played in European countries.

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14- Bullfighting – A Violent Sport:

Bullfighting is an ancient and a violent sport. Some people take this sport as a culture than just a sport. Like the other sports, this sport also has some rules and stages. This sport is seen from spring to autumn with a great strength of spectators. Three types of tickets are available to enter in the show. Despite the fact that people are interested in this sport, many people are also against this sport.

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15- The Blood Sport: Rooster Fighting:

Another ancient and violent sport, Rooster fighting, is very common worldwide. Two roosters come across each other and fight untill one of them get injured or dead. This is considered as illegal and violent sport in many countries but it is seen in rural areas of Punjab and Sindh.

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