20 Household Hacks for a Perfect Home:

20 best household hacks:

All of us want a perfect clean well-assembled house but the budget required to have it scares most of us. Little do we know that there are a number of DIY Household hacks that will cost you nothing but still provide a beautiful sparkling and organized house. Here we have mentioned 20 such easy household hacks that will make your life very easy and manageable.

Household hacks for a clean house:

How many of us really try using natural methods to clean our houses? Actually we are all too lazy to do so. Using chemical products to clean and scrub the floors and other house accessories is a much more convenient way for most of us. But we are unaware of the harms that these chemicals have on our health as well as on the material and quality of the accessories they are being used on. They may provide temporary shine to your tiles, floors and taps but believe me they are deteriorating the quality. 

How to have a spik and span house using simple hacks?

  1. use daily use items:

    all you need to do is get some common kitchen items eg lemon, vinegar, backing soda and ketchup and you can start cleaning.

 Here are a few common DIY household hacks that will provide you with a faster, safer and an even better result when it comes to cleaning your house.

Use Ketchup To Clean The Steel Accessories:

The good old ketchup we all love is not just tasty but can also help provide you with a squeaky clean house. With its acetic acid content, it can actually clean brass, copper and silverware. Making it shine and sparkle. It is not just a cheap and effective way but is also very eco- friendly as compared to chemical products.

Use Vinegar To Scrub The Floors:

Vinegar has a high Acetic Acid content and adding just half a cup of it in one bucket of water is effective enough. You may scrub your floors or kitchen counters with this highly diluted solution of acetic acid. It can effectively remove marks as well as add shine and lustre to your floor. After a few days of using this technique, your floors will be so clean and clear that you would see your reflection as you walk on them.

Use Soda To Clean The Pipes:

Good old baking soda can be the best remedy for declogging your clogged drains. All you need to do is pour baking soda in the drain. Pour dish soap and hot water into the drain. Pour in vinegar. Flush all of it with hot water and soon you will get clean unclogged drains. You may need to repeat the process if required.

Use White Tooth Paste To Clear The Marks On The Walls:

If you are someone who has kids in the house and usually get stained walls, here is the best household hack for you. Just get some white toothpaste, scrub it over your walls and remove it clean with a piece of cloth. The mark would be gone.

Use Ice Cubes To Remove The Candle Wax:

steps involved:

If you are a candle lover like me. This household hack is indeed the most needed one for you. The candle can easily stain your furniture with its leftover wax. And if you try to scrub it off you may end up damaging your furniture polish. So, here is how you deal with that wax. Just take an ice cube and rub it over the wax. See for yourself how easily will the wax come off.

Use Cooking Oil To Clean Sticky Label Residue:

Using cooking oil can be a very convenient way to remove the sticky label residue from your crockery or metallic appliances. Just dip some cotton in the cooking oil and apply it over the label. It will come off easily without leaving behind any sticky residue.

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Use Dish Soap To Clean Your Blender:

After making a milkshake or water shake in a blender or a juicer you need not put your hands in it to wash it off. Simply add in some water and dish soap and blend it into fine leather. All the residual juice or shake will be wiped off from the blender. Leaving you with a spik and span gadget.

Put A Heavy Item In The Tank To Limit Water Usage In The Toilet:

If you usually get high water bills may be the problem lies with your toilet water tank. Adding a heavy object eg a brick will help you efficiently reduce the space taken up by water thus saving you a few bucks with every flush.

To Avoid Over Use Of Soap Dispenser Wrap A Rubber Band Around Its Neck:

Wrapping a rubber band around the neck of your soap dispenser will help you reduce the wastage of soap by overuse. When you apply a rubber band around the neck of the dispenser you are automatically limiting the amount of product used. Thus saving a few bucks.

Put A Paper  At The Bottom Of Your Trash Bag To Avoid Liquids From Leaking Out:

Putting a paper at the bottom of your trash bag will help you avoid liquid leakage from the bottom thus will also help avoid the foul smell, bacteria and mess. 

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Use An Old Water Bottle As a Water Sprinkler:

Recycling things is always a fun task so if you want to sprinkle water over your herbs and plants, no need to buy a special sprinkler for this task. All you need is a water bottle. Make holes in its lid and you have your own DIY handcrafted water sprinkler.

Use A Hair Dryer To Get Crayon Marks Of The Walls And Furniture:

Just another tip for you if you are a mom to some naughty kids and if all your walls are a showpiece of the creative juices your child sprinkles over them. Don.t worry all these coloured crayon marks on your house walls are no big deal. Just get your hairdryer at high heat and blow it over the marks. More like candle wax, all these crayon marks will melt and you can now easily remove them with a cloth. this household hack is most needed when your kid loves to play with colours.

Keep your toothbrush off the dirty countertop with a clothespin.

Your countertop is a house to millions of different types of bacteria and these bacteria can enter your gut and affect your health. So, it is very important to be conscious that your toothbrush does not directly come in contact with the dirty countertop. Using clothespin to hold your brush is an easy way to do so.

Drill a hole in the bottom of your trash can to keep bags from sticking:

This will help you to avoid a vacuum at the bottom of your trash can. It will not only help your trash can to stay clean but will also avoid the rupturing of your trash bag.

Clean a foggy mirror with shaving cream:

Using your shaving cream to clean your mirror will not only help you get rid of all spots and smudges but will also help you get Fogg free mirrors and glass windows for days, even during showers.

Clean your oven with a lemon:

Cleaning your oven with lemon is also a very good way to get rid of all the spots and gunk along with all the bacteria. Since lemon is known for its cleansing and antiseptic properties. It.s citrus nature will prevent any harmful bacteria or germs to grow inside your oven.

All you need to do is get a lemon, cut it into half and rub it within the oven. Later clean the oven with a damp towel or wipe.

Dish with water and dish soap in your microwave can help clean it:

Just as you have applied lemon all around the inner side of the oven. To get even better results just take a dish, add in water and liquid soap and keep it in the oven to make it warm. The water vapours of this soapy water will loosen those stubborn spots and patches of gunk and spilt food and a mild rub will leave you with a clean and clear oven.

Use lemon to clean your bathtub:

Just as you use lemon to clean your oven, similarly using lemon to keep your bathtub clean and germ-free is also recommended. Rub the lemon all over your bathtub and give it a good scrub. Rinse it off with lukewarm or hot water. using this household hack you can limit the use of bleach and other chemicals.

Use lemon water to get rid of odours:

Boiling lemon skins in pan

This household hack is a lifesaver. After cooking some odour leaving food eg salmon, who will like to leave behind a smelly kitchen. All you have to do is boil a pot of water with lemon peel, lemon juice and vinegar in it. And boom! The smell is gone.

Use magnetic racks in your bathroom to keep your things in place:

This household hack is best for those who never find their hairpins, scissors or nail cutter etc. If you install magnetic racks in your bathroom they will hold all your accessories. Thus making life a bit simpler to live.

If you click on the right household hacks then organizing a house will no longer be a house chore. Moreover, it will be fun to see how little things and little tips can help us achieve just the perfect little home.