Social Media & Teenage Problems:

Social Media and its affects on Teenagers:

This generation has lost most of the real charm and beauty of life to these smart screens and social media. Our lives are so messed up in all this social media addiction that we no more care for anything else around. 

When I say Addiction, I mean it. Because recent scientific studies have shown that social media can have a similar effect on the brain as cocaine. Scary! Isn’t it?

People from all age groups have fallen prey to this beast of social media but teenagers are the most affected ones.

Ambitionless youth:

Instead of focusing on their own mental wellbeing, career and self-growth, our teenagers today have lost all their focus to that notification symbol popping on their mobile screens. Life has changed dramatically for the teenagers today as compared to those 10 years older than them. 

The notification symbols on the screens in the hands of these kids give them a little dopamine burst. Thus empowering the desire to reach their phones all day. Kids today have no visions and ambitions. They lack confidence and are victims of procrastination. And the credit for this goes to none other but social media platforms. This 24/7 usage of internet and social media platforms have resulted in damage to not only the physical well-being but also the mental health of our teenage generation.

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Social media as a cause for Psychosocial issues of our teenagers:

Kids today have no interest in learning healthy skills and developing healthy habits. All they know is using mobiles, laptops and notepads and that to while lying in the bed. They have deprived themselves of the fresh natural environment. Hence, has contributed to the increasing rate of depression, anxiety and other such Psychosocial disorders among our teenagers.

This generation has opted for a miserable life. As they haven’t experienced the delights and pleasure one gets when enjoying with family or elders. They are too busy in the world of this demon called social media that they have missed what nature has created for them to cherish.

Lack of sociality results in a lack of confidence which creates troubled and disturbed teenagers.

Social media is creating gap between teenagers and their parents:

When a kid remains active on Facebook and Instagram for 24/7, when do you expect him/her to sit with parents and enjoy some quality family time? 

Well, don’t expect them to do so. Because priorities have changed with this advancement in social media. No one is interested to sit and talk about how the day was? Be it, parents or kids. As even parents, today are so busy socializing on these platforms that 60% of them have turned a blind eye towards the needs of their kid. Thus setting all the wrong examples. This antisocial behaviour of both the kids and the parents have contributed to a more depressed and anxious society.

Toxic and harmful nature of social media & how to avoid it?

With all unnecessary motivation available at the tips of their finger, merely at a distance of just a click, our teenage generation has been severely misguided. They lack real motivation. The motivation to discover themselves, to work on their flaws and create a better human being, to cherish and take care of what nature has gifted them with. Rather, this generation has fallen prey to all that was not necessary. They are more interested in playing games and hunting for treasures in the animated video games instead of taking a while and figuring out the real purpose of their existence.  

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All this has created a mess in our society. These giants and beasts of social media need to be addressed on a serious note. We can no longer accept this. Our teenage generation is our future. And we cannot just sit and watch them fall prey to something as toxic, addictive and harmful as social media. 

This is not an easy task. Because before we cope with the issues faced by our teenage generation we need to get ourselves sorted first. It is important to set good examples before our teenage generation and for that, we need to quit this addiction of ours towards social media. 

It is important to understand that our youth looks up to us and if we fail to provide them with a fair and healthy path towards life, then our future is already ruined.