Media And Its Role

Media- the means of mass communication regarded collectively. Nowadays, media and its role in the society is so important because it is a tool to share knowledge around the world. But is it really doing that? Today lets us see what the Pakistani media is doing and what they should be doing.

Is media really delivering news? Or advertising chaos?

This is a really big concern in my opinion; you wake up fresh in a good mood, get your breakfast ready, turn on the TV to see some news and the first thing shown is the destruction or bombing or killings by the terms “BREAKING NEWS”. I mean what’s the point of this, yes make people aware of a situation at hand but there is no need to flash it everywhere in headlines, top posts, top trends etc. And I do believe that media does share such gore news in order to get the “High ratings”. The term “Sab se pehlay hamari screens per” clearly show that all that matters to media companies is who gets to share the information first, that’s it.

Moreover, the news reporters are sent to dangerous location just to get the “juicy stuff”, although such places can even take their lives. Displaying chaos; bombings, killings, riots, protests, like a pretty news needs to stop. Since this only disturbs the people watching it, creating fear in them. Which is why, if you have noticed, you hear many people saying. “Maine to TV daikhna hi chor dia hia, har waqt buri khabr”. 

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Information available on media is not necessarily true

Fake news is everywhere, especially on social media. It spreads like wildfire, even faster than the spread of the real news. Why is that? In many cases, it is the people sharing such news because they simply either truly believe that page or just don’t know or care if it’s fake. What’s worse, fake news related to politics, terrorism, disasters, science is the fastest one to spread.

Now the next question to be asked is why do companies/people do this? Are they earning money from it? Well, yes. They are earning money. It comes from ads provided by companies like Google, Google Adsense. Every click on that ad makes the user go on the site due to which companies like Google pay the ad maker. Fakes news can even make headlines on social media as well; in such scenarios the publishers earn lot of cash. Many sites use such methods to earn profit which is not wrong at all. The problem comes when the companies or people who tend to spread fake news and earn money through it.

Although Facebook and Google have taken action against fake news companies; to ban them, but is it really enough? Isn’t it our job as part of society to help as well? To report such news and not spread them so such companies get bankrupt and leave such ill means of earning money. 

Is media really playing its role?

Although media’s one important role is to spread knowledge, it isn’t doing a good job, if seen in our country. Companies post or broadcast all the bad things happening first in their headline and later on some good news which aren’t really given enough credit.  It is very important that the media starts to do things right. Instead of broadcasting gore news they should help people gain knowledge; inform them about the world, make them believe that good still exist.

It also commonly see that many media channels tend to broadcasts news just to stir things up in the society; scandals against a specific political leader, celebrity etc. This is highly unethical; not only is the privacy invaded of that person but people either have fun or get sad due to someone else’s misery. Such acts should be banned in the media industry and companies should stop broadcasting bad news as part of their “Breaking News”.

When media plays its role right people will gain knowledge and wisdom which might even help to uplift the society. This can uplift a society, help them in many ways. If media starts to take its role seriously in the right direction that is.   

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