The Power Media Holds

Sometimes we forget the power media holds and how its strength can change a person’s perspective and personality. Is that change good or bad? Well, both of these are sides of the same coin. Of course, through social media platforms, people living far apart stay in touch without invading one’s personal space, and there is endless source of knowledge available.  On the other side, everyone wants to be liked, even if they have a loving family who love them, every single person in this world wants to be acknowledged by others. But sometimes staying on the media tends to make people create a facade of themselves and maybe even things like envy and jealously.

Social Media Influencers

Vlogs (Video Weblogs) of social media influencers are such a strong platform that companies now tend to use them to sell their products to the young generation, especially food and makeup products. These influencers play a strong part in how the young adults choose to identify themselves. Some of this can be negative as well like over eating. Since the identity formation occurs in this stage, teenagers and young adults tend to look through the vast information available on the internet to basically “find themselves”. Since these influencers are roundabout of the same age, they seem appealing and teenagers find it easy to follow them.  

However, these stereotypical influencers and their perspectives also feed wrong information about the world into the children. For example, all beauty products influencers have done nothing but set unrealistic beauty standards. What’s worse, young girls do get affected by them since they believe and trust them. 

But of course, influencers are not all bad. There are many who are ambassadors of self-expression and freedom of speech. Who tell the young adults to be ambitious and follow their dreams. Such influencers defiantly change the young adults’ perspectives towards the positive direction.

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How media influences positively on people

Not all of media is entirely negative. The power of media holds some positive aspects as well. For children, television has the best effect in terms of information and research. If parents play their role correctly and monitor their children’s activity on TV, they might learn many many things.  For teenagers, well the access to news channels can improve their reading skills and broaden their perspective of happenings in the world. Moreover, they can also learn many things by watching healthy discussions talk shows which not only increase knowledge but their vocabulary as well.

Is media really doing its job?

We just discussed some of the ways how media can impact the children and young adults positively. But the question to be asked next is, is media really doing all of this? There isn’t a single educational channel for children to see. Yes, funny cartoons are fun but children need to learn as well. Our media doesn’t provide many channels from which children could learn like BabyTv.

Furthermore, children should be encouraged to watch channels like geography, animal planet. It contains such fantastic shows which are not only entertaining but also very educational. On our TVs it is either at the very end line of the channels or worse it’s not available.

Lastly, the news channels, in Pakistan probably the worst way to make your children learn. Maximum of the talk shows are never really a healthy discussion, they just argue for the sake of entertainment and use bad language that if shown to teenagers would just backfire.


True, media holds a lot of power, but it also depends on how we chose to use it. Media isn’t going anywhere and how you choose to utilize it will shape your perspective. As adults of family we should make sure to monitor what our children are getting into and what they are watching. To make sure it isn’t damaging their personality and perspective negatively. Moreover, as part of society, the TV media should also play its role. They should be more responsible and show channels that will benefit the children and stop any channels or activity on channels that may damage them. TVs should broadcast more educational shows. Talk shows should be healthy displaying different point of views. These are the next generation, who will be taking over soon after us. It is important that we make sure they don’t fail and lead prosperous lives.