How you can Stay Healthy in Self-quarantine

With gyms and fitness studios closed and people being requested to stay home and practice self-quarantine, stress levels are bound to peak, which is why it is more important then ever to focus on taking care of your mental and physical health by engaging in physical activity and practicing relaxation techniques.
Not having access to the special equipment or space that you may be accustomed to may pose a challenge to your fitness routine but there are many ways to incorporate more physical activity into your life-style even in self-quarantine:

Have some fun. Play around and dance! Play with children at home or play a game such as charades or Just Dance with your loved ones and get some laughs going. Any form of physical activity is better than none.

Be productive. Do your chores, garden, or re-adjust your furniture. All those little things you’ve wanted to do but just never got around to doing, do them! Not only are chores a good way to get some physical activity in but they can also be therapeutic and help you de-stress.

Follow an online exercise class. There are many effective at-home body-weight workouts available online that require no equipment and can be done in a small space. Whether you are into Pilates, yoga, HIIT, Tabata, or dance workouts, there is something for you. Make sure you take all necessary precautions to avoid injury.

Just stand up. Instead of sitting around, make a conscious effort to stand whenever possible and stretch.

Go for a walk/run. Walking and running require no equipment and can be done almost anywhere, so do whichever one you prefer to get your daily steps in.

Relax and meditate. Taking care of your mental health is just as important, so practice relaxation techniques such as deep breathing, and meditation to calm your mind.

Cook up a healthy meal. What we eat has a huge impact on our health, so use this time to cook at home and nourish your body with plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and healthy fats. It’s important to stay hydrated, so avoid sugary or alcoholic beverages and drink plenty of water.

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