COVID-19: Good for Planet Earth?

While COVID-19 is upending the economy of the world, it’s also having a great impact on the climate and environment of Earth. It won’t be wrong if we say Earth is ‘healing’ itself.

Since the outbreak of virus, lockdowns and shutdowns have been announced all over the world; resulting in closure of industries, aviation, all major transportation etc. Scientists have therefore registered a decrease in air and water pollution levels in all areas around the globe.

Here are some ways that the COVID-19 outbreak has affected the Planet Earth:

  1. Air Pollution Levels Decreased Significantly

One of the major impacts of the coronavirus has been the decrease in the level of air pollution across the world. The level of Nitrogen Dioxides and Sulphuric contents in air have greatly decreased. All the fumes were mainly produced by power plants, industrial processes, and car-engines.

Most of the 7.8 billion inhabitants of Earth have been confined to their homes which has resulted in a 10-30% drop in emissions over the world.

Air Pollution level over China can be seen to have decreased significantly
  • Lesser Greenhouse gas emissions

As the impact of COVID-19 spreads across the world, travel has been constricted thus reducing the use of fuels which emit carbon dioxide, increasing the levels of greenhouse emissions in environment.

  • Canals of Venice cleans up

An unexpected but highly appreciated effect of coronavirus can be seen in Venice, Italy. With no tourists coming and motorboats grounded, the water pollutants and sediments have dropped dramatically. To the amazement of residents the normally cloudy canals have transformed into crystal clear water with fishes returning.

  • Airline Emissions Stalled

Since the spread of virus in Europe, air traffic has taken a nosedive. Many countries have banned international flights due to risk of CoVID-19. Although the aviation has seen a major setback economically but the carbon emissions have seen a major dip.

  • People in India can see the Himalayas

For first time in decades people living in north India can actually see the Himalayas. They are reacting with awe since the reduction in air pollution due to country’s coronavirus lockdown has made 100 miles away Himalayas visible.

  • Climate is no more the crisis

Before the outbreak of COVID-19, the climatic crisis was the attention of world with ozone depleting and Australia on fire etc. Now with virus consuming the attention of all climate issue has crowded of itself.

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