COVID-19; A Blessing in Disguise

Amidst the threatening global outbreak of a pandemic, we are gifted with a hundred more reasons to smile and be thankful. As every child grows in every counterpart of the world their peers, family and friends are always accompanied by the overly used phrase ‘a blessing in disguise’. In human nature whenever one comes across a setback, one loses all hope, sits in grief expecting things to never go back to normal. The lost job, the opportunity missed, the loss of a loved one, the dream that did not come true, these are just few examples of how a humans’ heart shatters into pieces.

However as time passes, there comes a day when the realization dawns upon us that the lost job was a blessing in disguise because you have been gifted with a better job, the opportunity missed actually helped you to build on your weaknesses and the loss of our loved one made us realize the importance of people in our life. 

As the outbreak of COVID-19 has brought us down into quarantine and lockdown, we have a lot of reasons to regret about and feel isolated, but despite all the chaos and uncertainty we are blessed with a countless reasons that can make us feel otherwise. The person who has not visited their home for many years, now got the opportunity to spend time with his/her loved ones, the little girl who was struggling with time to read her favorite series of books can now finally complete it, the otherwise deteriorating environment is now healing, the person who could not complete the book he/she was working on can now get it published.

With every hardship, there is a blessing waiting for you but all you need to do is have patience and not lose hope. This quarantine period mend the lost relationships, cook with your family, play games together, learn a new skill and cherish these little yet equally significant moments and actions in your life, for this is all that matters in the end!

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