COVID-19 : A stressful moment

Are you stressed or anxious due to all the news about COVID-19? it is indeed a stressful moment for us all..

If yes, then you are not in this alone. With articles being published about it every now and then and with the headlines running on the TV every second, it is impossible to be sane and not feel the pressure.

However, there is always another side to everything and corona is no exception in this. Learn and read for a different perspective and a better mindset:


With the changes of lifestyle being enforced on us and with the fear of catching the virus, it is indeed a stressful moment for us all. However, it is essential for us to take care of our mental health during such a time.

Here are a few new things you might like to try as they will make your days at home better:


COVID-19 : A stressful moment

It is not at all essential to do expert level yoga to meditate as simply lying down and taking deep breaths with some soothing music can play its charm. A clear mind may help you meditate the best and release the stress from within. For further information : Click here for further meditation techniques.


COVID-19 : A stressful moment

Most of us have been reading all our life however have we all been reading with an interest of just enjoying a book or story? Some of you may love to do so, however if you’re not into it, you must give it a try. Reading will not only help you make good use of your time but will give your mind more room for imagination and will sow a seed of plentiful questions.


COVID-19 : A stressful moment

While most of us master at the art of eating, how many of us can cook well? Many of us are facing this hard time with no dine in or take away options from our favorite restaurants, however if we start cooking for ourselves, it wouldn’t be as bad as it is. With recipes and tutorials all over the internet, it isn’t a hard time to teach yourself how to make the best meal. It is indeed a form of therapy for us all so why not give it a shot.

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We must try our best to keep ourselves well equipped with the right things during this stressful situation as having nothing productive to do can turn us into over-thinkers and even accelerate the anxiousness within.