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Tech giants like Ericsson, Intel, Qualcomm, Google and several other mobile companies are spending billions upon billons of dollars for the development of this mythical 5G technology. As of April 2020, 378 cities across 34 countries around the globe has access to 5G on the experimental basis. But as with any new technology , 5G has also given birth to many conspiracies theories , with many of the most civilized people in the world believing in them and fearing the threats of 5G and its potential power to cook the brains of human and possibly wipe out the entire human race .

WHAT IS 5G?: –

The word 5G stands for fifth generation of cellular technology, and as the technology has been around only for a few decades, that is quite impressive progress for it. As with all the newer , upgraded generations of internet , 5G promises at providing faster internet speed .It aims to deliver data 10 to 100 time faster than the currently used 4G networks , with speeds as high as 10 gigabytes per second , that actually means that you can download 5 movies , each of size 2GB in about a mere second . That’s some speed, isn’t it? But in order to achieve this milestone, 5G operates at much lower frequencies, typically between 24 to 90 gigahertz, that’s almost same as used in our microwave ovens.

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I know you would be thinking if it operates at frequencies as high as that, how dangerous it could be? And can it cook our brain like a microwave? Well, the answer to that question is a NO. and the reason behind that is the difference between ionizing and the non-ionizing radiations. Ionizing radiations are the one emitted from nuclear reactor and these are the one that according to some Marvel’s movies can make give you superpowers by changing your DNA, but mostly the superpower that it gives is cancer. They have extremely short frequency and have enough power to knock out electrons off the orbit in an atom, but the non-ionizing radiations on the other hand, can do little to no harm. The best damage it can do is to cause vibration and heating of molecules, this is the principle used in microwave to heat up the food.


If microwave can heat food, then how can these 5G waves cannot? Well the heating has to do with the power of radiation, not only the frequency. Although the frequency is same, but a microwave operates at around 500 to 1000 WATTS, but a phone with a 5G connection can merely produce 1 WATT over course of several hours. And, the power is concentrated in microwave but is distributed in mobile signals.
Another possible comparison is with the sunlight, which is also an Electromagnetic radiation. With thousands and thousands of 5G antennas around the city, we are still talking about power and frequency less than the sunlight.


The Nutshell

5G technology can be the single biggest revolution in cellular networks after the introduction of internet in mobile phones, it has tremendous potential, making wireless augmented reality, self-driving vehicles, computer aided wireless surgery and many other futuristic dreams possible. The main source of the conspiracies are the ignorance and lack of scientific knowledge among the masses, which is exposed by few trouble mongers in order to make some money and play about the stock Market. Remember ignorance is in no short supply on the internet, with few people as crazy to relate coronavirus with the 5G and still some even crazier to believe them. You should never believe everything out there, but rather do you research and study up the radiations and difference between the ionizing and the non-ionizing ones.


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