COVID-19 and Revolution in the Workplace

Revolution in the workplace is a multi-faceted topic to delve into. And, when the global pandemic; COVID-19 is taken under consideration, workplace revolution becomes more evolved as it becomes narrowed in its meaning. Many theories have risen in the past decade and are now streamlined in the day-to-day life of a working individual. Dual-career families assigned the same task is the most recent project of Chevron to promote couples working together. From the rejection of age-limit by many companies to customized working programs for new mothers, our workplace has been accelerating rapidly towards a more attuned work environment for everyone. With the recent emergence of the pandemic; COVID-19, the acceleration has faced some friction.

COVID-19 is an onslaught upon humanity’s freedom to live. It has disrupted the established systems and had rattled them to the core. The education of our youth; of about 1.2 billion, is in jeopardy. Delayed admissions to all other fiscal and economic planning have set up a stage for looming recession. Thanks to the Wi-Fi technology launched in 2007, the response is completely different from our previous takes on epidemics in the past.

Flexi time was a new concept introduced for Generation Z, though It was rejected mostly in Asian countries, where a more traditional work-life style is preferred.

Unfortunately, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, and other Eastern Asian countries have been hit hard by COVID-19. The brick-hard prevailing corporate culture had to take a break. There is no surprise when it comes to COVID-19 being the reason for breaking up work-life conflicts of these individuals; specifically, and worldwide generally. Can COVID-19 be the seedling of a more harmonized, advanced, and the digital age of new work theories, practices, and structures? Will COVID-19 be hailed for a new form of work and office life? Will COVID-19 be held responsible for the revolution in the workplace?

COVID-19 is regulating our priorities as human beings. The health of an employee is getting the attention it deserved.

You’re waking up to go to a certain building for 9 hours; mostly mornings to evenings, five days a week. Then, there is that category of women workers; specifically, 95% in Japan who are degraded and paid less because they do not do overtime at the workplace. Moreover, the social constructs associated with males and females in the workplace; where the never-ending debate of women having home and office responsibilities are being considered as reasons for potential non-productivity in the workplace. All these stereotypes are being challenged. Men’s role in society, as defined by their field of work and the specific cinematic description of them getting up and wearing a suit and tie to an office is being questioned. The famous pay-gap discrepancy is in question.

New corporate cultures, new offices are emerging. A man or a woman, sitting in comfy clothes in a bed or a couch, caressing a child or drinking a steaming mug of coffee are not “defined as taking a vacation”, because those situations have lost their attributions with these established presumptions in our head.

Rather, they are known as “new generation of Working Class”.

COVID-19 has shattered the pre-defined image of a workplace; your new cubicle is your home. It is the biggest example of COVID-19 and its first revolution in the workplace.

People are having real-time conversations with their kids and are re-bonding. Working is getting versatile meanings and all meanings are gaining equal respect, contributing to the wholesome and ideal meaning of “doing work”.


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