Forced Adaptations to Digital Media

The ongoing corona virus crisis has drastically changed the world. Multiple countries have shut down school, offices and gatherings. Due to this global halt in economies, sudden shift to digital mediums has been observed. This change is not limited to office work but people are also forced to adapt to digital mediums for all aspects of their lives.  

Learning and personal development

Teachers at different universities spent the past week figuring out the best way for distance learning. Everyone struggled owing to the forced sudden shift. 

An engineering student in FAST said, “This was inevitable. We always knew we had to shift to online mediums. This is just a little sudden.”

Forced Adaptations to Digital Media

According to a survey conducted by the Babylon Survey Research Group, about 33% of students in colleges are taking at least one course online.  More and more universities are starting online courses and with this increase, the acceptance of online degrees is growing. 

Physical health

Hospitals are already very engaged and occupied during the current situation. Why is why they trying to minimize the people coming in for not so serious problems. Many of the hospitals like PIMS, are starting online sessions and doctors are trying to help patients via video calls. 

 These sessions are not only controlling the burden on hospitals, but also protecting people from the infection.

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Social relationships

People are turning to online communities to get support and reassurance amid the pandemic.

Friends and families are adopting the use of Zoom, Hangouts and other video calling applications in order to stay connected. People are also using video calls to wish birthdays to their loved ones.

Career and Finance

Due to these forced adaptions to digital media, companies like Google, Apple, Nestle and Indeed has been encouraging people to work from home. Businesses are desperately trying to speed up their online sales in order to tackle the corona virus shut down. 

Clothing brands are putting on sales, food chains are coming up with new deals and are also advertising their precautionary measures, banks are promoting online payments and small grocery stores starting deliveries at home. 

Forced Adaptations to Digital Media

However, problems are starting to arise with the delivery of goods due to the transportation blockage. 

The big question

The uncertainty of this situation makes us wonder if the changes emerged due to the epidemic will continue after the world comes back to normal or we will be quick in going back to the things as they were before.

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