Education is the need of the hour to secure the future.

COVID-19 outbreak hits the world and particularly the developing countries with great force. Pakistan is also one of those who are struggling in this tough time. After the outbreak of COVID -19, the very first time, I can draw an accurate picture of our future. The literacy rate of our country is very low and many people in our country are daily wage workers. If education remains neglected, then in the coming future we will see the new peak of poverty and hunger.

The first decision regarding the partial lockdown took by our government on 13 March 2020. From that day onward, 32% of our population which is lower-middle-class only has one concern, which is regarding their very next meal.

Education is mandatory to secure the future
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Most of the people in Pakistan are daily wage workers. Because of lockdown, they left with no other sources of income. Parents are not the only ones of these families, but children also work so they could be able to make both ends meet. According to the 2016 report of the Child Right Movement, almost 12.5 million children involved in child labor. And it will keep on increasing until or unless we take effective steps to make education mandatory for everyone.

Education is mandatory to secure the future
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Although in Pakistan in government schools education is free till 10th grade. But these schools have already more students than required. Most of these schools are not accepting new admissions. Also, the parents of these families do not consider sending their kids to school because they think if they will go to school instead of work then from where they will eat. So if this will continue, then our future would no more different from our present.

Education is mandatory to secure the future
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If we take the example of China, how they started from scratch and become the second-largest economy of the world. It would tell us some fact that leads China to that point of success. In China, the government provides tuition fees for a nine-year of schooling, and it’s mandatory for everyone to attend school. In China, the health facilities, public transport, and even the haircut are free for their employees. And most of the organizations pay apartment rents of their employees.

No doubt, with any solution there are some consequences present. It’s in human nature that he will try to compete if someone is in better condition than him. For example, if personal vehicles banned, everyone has to use public transport. If house construction banned, the government allotted apartments will be available only. If the health benefits and necessities of life are the same for everyone, then they will feel no need to be creative. More precisely, it will lead to the end of entrepreneurial culture from society.

But it’s better for our country, for now, to go with china’s approach and bring everyone on the same page. Make the education mandatory, develop job opportunities, and provide such benefits that decrease the burden of the people. This leads to our secure future, which will be as bright as China and the USA when every single person of society will give back instead of being a burden to the economy. And once our people become educated, we could go back to any other strategy that will suit the conditions. 

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