Fun Things to do at Home

As being humans, we all face the same problems with the current pandemic, what to do at home during this self-isolation.

You may have heard around the home “I’m BORED!”.

Most of us are.

There two options:

First there is always an option to SLEEP. Second to find something to do.

There are always things we can do at home. We just need to push ourselves to do some imaginations.

There is a never-ending list of fun things we can do at home. I’m putting some of them together for you to experience during this quarantine. Have FUN!


The best way to pass your time at home is to watch movies, seasons, dramas, animes, sports, night shows and many more.

 There are lot of movies and seasons that are pending for the summer break.  Now is best time to be ENTERTAINED.

fun things to do at home


It is also a best opportunity for the gamer as there are number of games to be ended these holidays. Then what are you waiting for.

 Just hit the opportunity RIGHT NOW!

fun things to do at home

If you want to keep yourself away from PC and mobile phone, this is the time when board games come into the play.

 There are so many choices. Get them out of the old boxes lying in the store and be ready to play with family. This is the best way to interact with everyone.

 Let the games BEGINS!

Bored games


There are lot of skills inside you to be discovered yet. This is the best TIME to explore yourself. You can learn photography, videography, web designing, web developing, blogging, vlogging, calligraphy, yoga, content writing and lot more. So, cash your time and polish yourself for the coming future.

 Just THINK about it!

Here are some skills you can learn at home.

Learn programming


There are still people out there who love to read books (Novels, Mangas). Then just grab a cup of tea and the book or eBook, whatever you want, and start READING!

Read books with a cup of tea


Some of the muscles are tried being all day in the bed. To make yourself going, get up…… walk to the backyard to have some fun. It is important to maintain your physic and not to get bulky during this social distancing.


Artist wants a silent surrounding to focus on their ideas. This is also a best time for them to grow their mind and their collections.

fun things to do at home

It maybe sound crazy but this is very little of fun things we can do at home.

There are billions of ways to pass time or to utilize it.

So, just focus on what I am trying to say and find your think of fun to do at home.

Now it’s time to go and to make some good memories to be remembered.

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