Advanced Life with Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is grabbing the attention of every field because of its evaluation and optimization properties. This technology is the evaluation of materials, devices, and technologies according to the nanometer scale with at least one novel property. The word “nano” initiates from Greek word Nanos for “dwarf”. A nano equals to 10-9 in meters. This emerging technology is covering up every field because of its wide range of applications. It brings optimization in products with unique properties and techniques. It has a great impact on the economic growth and social activities of a country.

Nanotechnology and Food Science:

This technology is bringing advancements in technologies and industrial sectors including food science. Demands of the best quality of food arise a crucial need to increase food quality and health benefits. So, this technology is taking part in providing food with insurance of the best quality and processing. Nanoencapsulation technique is used to prevent food and its bioactive components such as vitamins and proteins from degradation.

Nanotechnology and Medicine:

This advanced technology has wide applications in the evaluation and advancement of medical tools, treatments and vaccines. Researchers are using nanotechnology to improve the early detection and treatment of diseases. A technique has developed to kill bacteria and that may be applied to hospitals and clinics to improve the cleanliness of instruments. Many fields of health care such as drug delivery and wound treatments have improved by using this gold technology.

Nanotechnology and Fabrics:

Nanotechniques are used in the textile and fabric industry as well because of wide applications factor. The quality of fabrics has improved by using nanoparticles without increasing problems like weight, heaviness and inflexibility.

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Nanotechnology and Energy:

In the area of energy, it is playing an integral part in lowering the cost and enhancing efficiency. Costs of nanotech solar cells are lower than conventional solar cells. It leads the generation of steam from sunlight, electricity from raw materials and windmills.

Nanotechnology and Electronics:

Nanoelectronics is helping overcome the problems generated by microelectronics. Nanotechnology techniques lead to improve quality of memory chips, optimization of transistors, and components of electronic devices. Nanotechnology has played an integral part in computer processing by increasing the computer’s speed and minimizing its cost. Manufacturers are using Carbon nanotubes to make clear and optimized display screens.

Nanotechnology and Space:

This advanced technology is making a reduction in the cost and power consumption of spacecrafts. Nanomaterials are now part of spacecrafts to make them lightweight and more efficient. Researchers are focusing on materials that make long-duration missions in space possible. 


Nanotechnology is emerging and interdisciplinary technology. It is playing a great role in the improvement of every field including energy and information technology. In the near future, things would be very modern and advanced because of unique techniques.

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