Top-6 myths or misconceptions about hypnosis are addressed in this article. Before starting lets first understand what hypnosis is. It is a condition or state of the human mind which is under full concentration and focus. The hypnotist suggests or directs his subject. The mind of the subject then responds to those suggestions or directions. Stage performers and TV shows make people believe in a lot of myths associated with hypnosis. These myths highly affect the people around us. Let’s have a look at a few of them:

MYTH#1:Hypnosis is a super-natural power

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Many people believe that hypnotist possesses some mystical superpower. This power assists them to do it and give directions to their subjects.

Fact: In fact, it is a natural skill. People acquire it through proper training. Many students undergo graduation to learn it.

MYTH#2: The hypnotist controls your mind

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People think that hypnotist can control their minds. They have no free-will. The hypnotist can make them do whatever he likes.

Fact: The truth is that a person under hypnosis has full control. Nobody can make him do things against his will. The hypnotist cannot force a person to do things against his/her ethical or moral standards.

MYTH#3: It acts like a truth serum

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It is thought that hypnosis is just like a truth serum. It (truth serum) causes the person to speak the truth. The person is forced to speak the truth. He or she has no free-will or control.

Fact: But in hypnosis, a person has the full- will. He is aware of his surroundings. He can even tell lies in a series when hypnotized.

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MYTH#4:Not everyone gets hypnotize

 Another myth about hypnosis is that it does not affect everyone equally.

Fact: The reality is that people are exposed to a lot of varieties. They might have experienced it with an amateur or an unprofessional. The 100% expert and master of this skill can take and also return his subject back to the original state.  

MYTH#5: It helps cure everything

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People are under the impression that it cures everything. They believe that it can even treat baldness and poor eyesight.

Fact: Hypnosis is though used for various treatments. It is best for curing insomnia, procrastination, confidence issues and reducing pain due to cancer. The subject gets into a relaxed state with slower breathing, muscles relaxed, eyes closed and reduced activity. It is more like a state of sleep.

MYTH#6: Hypnosis is not an efficient method

The last myth in our article is that people believe it is not effective. They prefer psychological treatment and other cures.

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Fact: The studies have shown that it is an effective method of treatment. The psychoanalysis gives 38% effective recovery after 600 sessions. The behavior therapy shows 72% recovery after taking 22 sessions. The hypnotherapy, in contrast, gives 93% positive results after taking just 6 sessions. Source: American Health (Magazine).


In this whole article, myths and misconceptions about hypnosis were described. Misconceptions can lead a person astray. Avoid it by doing proper research. Try to confirm things based on authenticated sources of information. Debunk all the myths or misconceptions that come your way. Adopt a realistic approach.

As someone rightly said,

“Face reality as it is, not as it was or as you wish it to be”

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