“Happy customers bring happier customers”, Imtiaz Jafri quotes, as he narrates his recipes to recognize and take hold of your key partners in business. As the founder of Quaid Technologies, he single-handedly revolutionized the web development industry in Pakistan with ONE marketing  tool – Word-of-Mouth.

Amidst the bedazzling Internet era, businesses often struggle with competitive marketing. The whole process requires brainstorming creative marketing campaigns, aggressive-texting clientele to try products, aesthetic posts, PayPal accounts for “boosting” your Facebook page – the possibilities are endless. In this regard, a businessperson needs to recognize his firm’s position and act accordingly.

While interviewing the CEO of Quaid Technologies  Imtiaz Jafri, he revealed how he became the pioneer of web development in Pakistan. “It was a whole new world for me”, he narrates, sharing his job market experience after coming back from the USA post-graduation. “[But] my job experience at a private bank led me to one conclusion – it really comes down to your contacts for utilities”.

Rationally, using contacts for utility purposes doesn’t sound very appealing, but come to think of it this way: every business needs a plan. An agile version of a business plan i.e. a Business Model Canvas (BMC) gives a pictorial representation of how your business is going to run. Its key component is having “partners” to aid your business in sales and marketing. These key partners will give you an excellent opportunity to expand your clientele base, if the right contacts are put to play.

According to Jafri, while he was establishing his tech business, three industries proved to catalyze his marketing process solely through word-of-mouth marketing, those being the political parties, newspaper and travel agencies.

Newspaper agencies get truckloads of exposure coming from every sector of the country. Travel agencies have recurring clients that they can establish long-term relations with, especially tourist guides, excursion groups etc. Political situation is highly dynamic in Pakistan, but politics can get dirty so take advantage of it smartly.

Work smart, not hard. Sell the BEST-quality products, invest your time in forming a clientele base, approach them, and let word-of-mouth do its magic. A good way to keep up to it would be to subtly (yet incessantly) ask customers to leave a review once they’ve used your product, and perhaps grant them discounts if they bring in more customers, and success will find its way to you. Happy marketing!

By Aimen Mubeen.

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