“It’s the end of the World! We’re finished!”

“The doom day is near.”

“How are we going to start again?”

We often hear people saying these dialogues. But is it true? Are we really finished? Or it’s a new page unfolding in the history of mankind.

History repeats itself:

In 1918, about 100 years ago, world faced an outbreak of fatal pandemic known as Spanish Flu. It was considered as the most dangerous and rapidly growing pandemic of the modern age history. Which was to affect the world in every possible way.

50 million people suffered from this pandemic. Some called it as THE END OF THE WORLD. Or was it the start of a new beginning?

When half of the World had lost the hope, the Californians had other plans. They took this as an opportunity to become the most modern State on the face of the world. They started industries. They invested money, gambles were played, and blood money was utilized in a productive way.

This was their effort of grasping the opportunity of that pandemic and become the richest state of the world. If one talks about Hollywood, Leading food industries, Advancements of technology and giving leaders in every field to the world, all of that lies in California.

It was there untiring effort in that critical time that today they are leading the world in every possible field.


Today there are 2640 billionaires in the world. More than half of them are above the age of 60. Why are they safe? Do they have vaccine? Or are they super humans? NO

The answer is simple. Instead of wasting time and money, they go out regularly and plan for the betterment of themselves and their Nation’s future.

                     “Remorse in not an option, Lockdown is not an excuse.”

This time is not to waste but to utilize in going one step ahead. Time and money is not an excuse but skill is an opportunity. Tripping sweat and completing the working hours were never the only way to excel.

After this pandemic end, the world will be a golden hen waiting for the one who grasps it. The economies will be down, superpowers destroyed, and everyone would be on the same page. Then it would be one’s own choice whether Lahore will be the next California or New York would be burnt to grounds.

This time is not to be wasted but to go out there and walk for the future. So that the world remembers you.

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