8 Employability Skills you can Improve at Home

Schools and businesses may be closed but that doesn’t mean you have to hit the pause button on your professional growth as well. Here are 8 of the most essential employability skills you can work on improving while you are home:

1. Communication

Communication skills include verbal, written, and non-verbal communication. These employability skills are incredibly important. In both conveying your message to others as well as being able to listen and understand the other person’s point of view.

Ways to improve:
– Writing reports
– Blogging or using social media
– Giving presentations
– Becoming more aware about body language
– Having more purpose driven face-to-face or on the phone conversations

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2. Team-work:

Teamwork involves getting along with the people and working together to achieve a common goal.

Ways to improve:
– Doing group assigniments or projects
– Volunteering for community service projects
– Organizing events with friends and family such as a competition, bake sale, holiday party, or gathering

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3. Problem Solving

Problem solving involves finding solutions when faced with a challenge or setback. It requires you to be able to figure things out using logic.

Ways to improve:
– Doing research
– Dealing with complaints
– Taking a course the focuses on problem-solving
– Fixing broken things around the house or a failed recipe by looking up solutions online

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4. Enterprise

Enterprise means to show initiative and resourcefulness. It involves thinking creatively to make improvements to the way things are done.

Ways to improve:
– Approaching organizations and businesses about work opportunities or internships.
– Organizing a fundraiser in your community or an initiative to help community members.
– Proposing changes to how things are normally done in your home or a group you belong to.
– Doing chores around the house without being asked to.

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5. Planning and Organizing

Planning and organizing mean working out what you need to do and how you will go about doing it. This skill plays a vital role in both your professional and personal life.

Ways to Improve:
– Develop and daily routine or timetable for studying and follow it
– Plan a trip or travel on your own
– Manage your time around work, study, and family commitments
– Organize a community event or family gathering

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6. Self-management

Self-management means being able to do your work without someone having to constantly check up on you and knowing when to delegate responsibilities.

Ways to Improve:
– Taking up a work experience or internship opportunity
– Developing a study schedule and sticking to it
– Keeping your room and work space tidy and organized
– Taking up an exercise program and consistently working towards improvement

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7. Learning

Learning is about being open to understanding new thing and picking them up quickly. It involves being able to adapt to change.

Ways to improve:
– Taking an online course or a new or interesting topic
– Starting a new hobby
– Teaching yourself a new skill such as playing the piano or baking the perfect chocolate cake

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8. Technology

Technology skills involve the ability to use a computer for word processing, spreadsheets, emails, or knowing how to use office equipment.

Ways to improve:
– Taking an online course to learn the basics of Microsoft, Excel, or Photoshop
– Finding out what technology is commonly used in the job you want and learning how to use it.

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