Is our drama industry in its decline?

Are we really living in a society where we want to come home from work and watch a drama in which the husband is being cruel to his wife for the sake of his family for NO REASON AT ALL. I am not just talking about one channel but all the leading entertainment channels in Pakistan. This is 2020 we are talking about. Is our drama industry in its decline?

We used to have creative and entertaining dramas being aired daily at 8 o’clock and people would actually wait for them. And this is not that long ago time I am talking about here. Let’s go over some the dramas we loved in the past few years.

Dramas we loved


First and foremost, Humsafar. How can we talk about dramas and not mention humsafar. This drama had a very talented cast and was beautifully written.


Udaari is the first drama I remember that talked about a topic so ignored in Pakistan, rape. It highlighted how children are abused and how predators use their position of power to take advantage of innocents around them.

Darr si Jaati hai sila

This drama highlighted how predators can be found in families too and keeping silent about such activities is itself a crime.

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Sheher e zaat

Sheher e zaat was a drama based on a novel and had an engrossing script. It told a beautiful story of a girl dealing with her spiritual beliefs. The actors did an exemplary work and the final episode touched us all.

Khuda Mera bhi hai

This drama showed how the life of a woman changes when she gives birth to an intersex. It was a sensitive topic and some people had concerns about the technicalities but it depicted the truth of Pakistani society and was a very powerful drama dealing with sad realities and identity crisis.


This serial tackles the rural practice of Vanni and gives us moral lessons about important issues such as gender discrimination

Why can’t we have more like these?

These are all the dramas that people loved and followed them throughout. There was talking about them even after they finished and are counted as some of the best dramas the industry has produced.

It has been such a long time that I watched a drama that was anything other than relationships and showed us something new. It’s not that we don’t have great writers working in our industry right now. We have some very polishedwriters and enough resources to produce worthwhile serials.

I think it is time that we move away from the topics of Mian Biwi ke jhagre and saas bahu ki larai and create something meaningful. Thinking that the audience might not like serials focusing on serious issues is absurd. Most of the dramas listed above revolved around pretty serious matter and they were all huge hits.

What we want

We want the media to show us women who support each other, women who take a stand, women who we can look up to. Similarly, we want to see men who are inspiriting and open minded like many of the people in my life. Why can’t we have mysteries or thrillers? Why are there no dramas showing us quality humor? Is there no genre other than romance?

Let’s hope we get to see a little more variety this year and onwards.

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2 thoughts on “Is our drama industry in its decline?

  • April 17, 2020 at 4:52 pm

    I really liked this article and I totally agree! The dramas are just getting super repetitive at this point.


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