Pakistan and Its Deteriorating Environment

In recent times the deteriorating environment of mother earth has been an alarming issue and environmentalists across the globe are vouching for drastic measures to limit the destruction. Climate change and environmental destruction is not just confined to distorted weather patterns but it has much more depth to it. One of the major effects of climate change is the adverse effect on the economics conditions of a country like Pakistan.

Before we go deeper into the topic we need to understand the root causes of climate change in Pakistan and how it has affected the economy.  Pakistan has the 21st largest road network in the world, consequently leading to massive amount of deforestation in the country. Pakistan, a highly agrarian economy accounting for around 42% of the labour force has meant that deforestation and soil erosion has accounted for a loss in incomes due to a fall in the quality of crops. Moreover deforestation has not only effected farmers but it has also lead to a decline in tourism income due to the waning charm of the northern areas.

Pakistan has come across massive changes over the past two decades, carbon emissions have increased by three times since 1990 mainly due to a 20% increase in the use of motor vehicles and fuel consumption. This has not only led to disrupted rain patterns effecting agriculture but it has also given birth to various respiratory and skin diseases. Furthermore frequent droughts/floods have left people homeless and vulnerable, leaving no option but to commit crimes in order to make a living.

These reasons combined and have not only increased stress on the health sector but have brought about an inefficient allocation of the budget. The government is pressured to incentivize the workforce to a greater extent to account for any losses. In addition to this, industries in Pakistan lack the technological capabilities and awareness to make production more efficient and to limit the carbon emissions.

However there are possible solutions that could be used to reduce if not completely eradicate the negative consequences of climate change on Pakistan’s economy. The government of Pakistan has already initiated many tree planting programs; these programs should be carried out in every city of Pakistan. Moreover training and education of farmers is really important alongside to providing them with modern technology and organic fertilizers. The government should stimulate the industries to follow greener production processes and establish laws to limit carbon emissions hand in hand with different social programs to create awareness amongst the nation.

Mother earth has given us enough reasons to make our living worthwhile but are we doing enough for it in return? We need to make a difference for us, for the future that lies ahead of us and for the generations to come!

Stats and data by the competition commission of Pakistan