The new iPhone SE, A bang for your buck

Yesterday Apple just announced it’s $399, second-generation iPhone SE. This brand new iPhone has taken the tech world by storm for all the right reasons.

A13, iPhone 11 Pro chip set

At $399, the second-generation iPhone SE is a shockingly good value. other then its “brilliant 4.7” retina HD display, the most important thing to know about the SE’s value proposition is simply that it has the A13 Bionic processor, which is bar-none the fastest processor you can get on any smartphone at any price, end of story.

You can buy top of the line Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G but still cannot out perform this bad boy. The cherry on top is that apple supports its devices for years. You can have the first gen iPhone SE and still receive the latest ios updates.

iPhone XR camera system

Talking about the camera system on the iPhone SE, instead of a dual or triple camera system, it has a 12mp shooter at the back. In terms of the camera it pretty much resembles the iPhone XR.

As there is only a single camera at the back, the iPhone SE has a portrait lighting effect which can be used only on humans and not other objects. Due to the A13 bionic chip, 4k video is possible on the iPhone SE.

Comfortable form factor

As the iPhone SE is in the body of the iPhone 8, it has a 4.7 inch display which is comfortable to hold in the hand.

Return of touch id

With the return of the home button on the iPhone SE, the touch id is also back which can be used to jump into apps and Apple Pay.

Fast charging

iPhone SE does support wireless charging and fast charging when plugged to an 18W fast-charge adapter to go from 0 to 50 percent in 30 minutes.

It comes in three exciting colors, black, white and product red.

A bang for your buck

Apple is offering a 64GB, 128GB and 256GB version starting at $399, $449 and $549 respectively.

Entry into the world of budget friendly smartphones

As One Plus is going into the flagship market with a higher priced phone, Apple is targeting the budget smartphone market with its “brilliant 4.7” retina HD display. This phone is for your average citizen who needs a good camera, a comfortable form factor, long lasting battery and a smartphone which can last for years without having to buy a new one.

Is it for you?

iPhones are known for their luxury feel and longevity but now with a budget friendly price, Apple is going to aggressively take its place in the world of budget friendly smartphones.

Apple has already sold 500 million iPhone’s with 4.7 inch display and its hoping the same for this new device.

Although this new iPhone doesn’t have a full screen display, a headphone jack or an Oled display but if you want to have the latest iPhone but cannot afford to pay $1000+, its worth checking out.

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